You’ll Never Guess Who Rashida Tlaib Just Teamed Up With

Hint: He’s a HUGE headache for Republicans…

“Yes, yes! Speak to power the truth!” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) agreed excitedly when left-wing activist David Hogg stated that rich people are America’s ‘ issue, ‘ but use ‘ racism and xenophobia to persuade bad individuals ‘ that they are not.

Hogg tweeted his accusation about the rich:

“For hundreds of years rich people have used racism and xenophobia to convince poor people that rich people are not the problem.”

Rep. Tlaib chimed on Twitter later that evening, exclaiming her agreement and posting an emoji bullhorn suggesting that Hogg’s condemnation of the rich should be broadcast far and wide.

  1. Tlaib has indeed found a perfect match. Da-veed the Hog perfects the match that stupid equals stupid.

    1. Hey Talib the Hogg bitch is talking about you, every member of congress is richer than every average American and may time richer than the lower class welfare food stamp recipients living in poverty not to mention the homeless living and dying in the streets!

    2. These left wing looneys are all insane. I don’t know how else to describe them. How did that big mouthed, rubber lipped stupid Tlaib ever get elected? In fact how did the other three in her group get elected? Are the voters in those states really that stupid? I can’t figure it out. These 4 witches are about as anti-American as you can get.

  2. And we should care about this because? Hogg is the one who lied and said he was at the disaster when he wasn’t and ran over there and pretended he was and then the left, Dems and lying fake news media celebrated him. Hogg and Tlaib are made for each other. Both are losers and both hate the United States and everything we stand for.

  3. Put them together and you still get stupid. Two losers do not make a right and the Hogg to their mix and the only thing its good for is you only need one box to ship them all out of the country.

    1. Dems embrace liars because they are liars, look at the lies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told without any evidence or collaboration about our Border Patrol Agents telling detainees to drink from toilets and Ilhan Omar repeated the lie in their little charade on nothing but Ms. Ocasio-Cortezs word!

      Why didn’t she take pictures or get a statement from a detainee, cant she afford a phone, they all have cameras and recorders on her congressional salary, my $5.00 phone has a recorder and a camera! She didn’t because her claim wasn’t true! Both of these liars need to be impeached!

  4. This little piece of crap? A hog with a pig! Perfect match! And THAT is supposed to be…scary? It’s a friggen joke, and so are they!

  5. Well, neither one of these two are good citizens. They lie constantly and say and do anything to get the publicity. They are both traitors to America by the lies they throw out to the corrupted media and the liberals eat their lies up. They are a complete disgrace.

    1. Problem solved for our homeless. Learn any language from countries south of border. Sneak into Mexico, come thru legally claim asylum. Receive free housing, free health care, free food stamps, and the best freebie yet you don’t have to worry about breaking our laws because they “DO NOT APPLY TO YOU” There you go our homeless problem solved..Damn I love the 1st amendment. Only in America you have “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” for now……

  6. It was bound to happen the Rashida (Motherf*cker) Tlaib a member of the barnyard would team up with a Hogg!

  7. Yes he’s talking about the SCUM demonrats. It is a historical fact that every piece of racist legislation that was
    ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was inflicted on
    African Americans, was initiated by members of the Democratic Party.
    History shows that during the past 160 years the Democratic Party
    legislated Jim Crow laws, Black Codes and a multitude of other laws at
    the state and federal level to deny African Americans their rights as
    citizens. Congressional records show it was Democrats that strongly
    opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These three
    Amendments were introduced by Republicans to abolish slavery, give
    citizenship to all African Americans born in the United States, and give
    Blacks the right to vote. Congressional records show that Democrats
    were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by
    Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans: Civil Rights
    Act of 1866 Reconstruction Act of 1867 Freedman Bureau Extension Act of
    1866 Enforcement Act of 1870 Force Act of 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
    Civil Rights Act of 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Civil Rights Act of
    1960 And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the 1964
    Civil Rights Act 1965 Voting Rights Act 1972 Equal employment
    Opportunity Act After reviewing all of the evidence, many believe
    America would have never experienced racism to the degree that it has,
    had not the Democrats promoted it.Source material by Wayne Perryman

    The DDD(DUMB DUMBER demonrats) Party started with slave owners of the
    south. The KKK was founded and run by DEMOCRATS.DEM President Woodrow
    Wilson proudly showed to his Cabinet at the White House the WHITE
    SUPREMACIST film “Birth of a Nation” which gloried the KKK. Wilson
    segregated the Federal government. The KKK rose to its zenith of power
    and respectability because of DEM Pres. Wilson.Margaret Sanger, the
    secular patron saint of the DEM Party, was a rabid RACIST WHITE
    SUPREMACIST Eugenicist who dreamed of eliminating Blacks from the human
    gene pool. LIBS looove her.All but 3 of the 24 Southern DEMS, including
    Sen. Al Gore Sr, who for RACIST reasons voted against the Civil Rights
    Act of 1964, remained lifelong DEMS as did most their children and
    grandchildren. They did not all become Right Wing Republicans. DEM
    Senator Robert Byrd, who Hillary called her mentor ant the Conscious of
    the Senate,, was KKK Grand Dragon who recruited over 150 new KKK
    Klansmen. Republican party was founded to END SLAVERY and it did It
    continued through the days of LBJ and his “Great Society”. The demonrats
    still own slaves, that population that sucks upthe welfare and other
    enhancements to sustain their lives(“YOU”) with absolutely no remorse
    for taking unearned welfare. demonrats are desperate to keep these
    programs alive and increasing to enhance their voting block and make
    their welfare recipients dependent on them. As LBJ(after assassinating
    JFK, yes demonrats did that to there OWN PARTY)said at the signing of
    his “Great Society” legislation, “We have now secured the N vote for the
    next hundred years.” In other words, he made the
    Black/White/Red/Yellow, and Brown Population of welfare recipients
    slaves to them with no way out. You say I am WHITE PRIVILEGED I am a
    HighSchool dropout I “GET NO HANDOUTS” and “I SUCCEEDED in this GAME
    insurance to cover demonrats NON-WORKING SORRY -SSES. I raised two
    children one w/a Phd/MedDr and another w/MBA on a low income middleclass
    salary w/NO HELP FROM NO-ONE(Govt Asst)! So you no what…YOU ALL CAN
    KMA with your racebaiting BS get up off your SORRY -SSES and make
    something of yourself. Break “THE demonrat STIGMA OF RACISM THEY HAVE
    “PUT” AMONG US!” Quit having the govt supporting you and do it yourself
    The key to success in this world is to work hard and do what is right.
    Trying to forcefully take success from people and redistribute it will
    never work, and the harm always outweighs the good.

    IF ANYONE STUDIED “AMERICAN HISTORY”? … They would know that when White Men landed in Africa? It was common practice to steal people from opposing Tribes . And then make them into “SLAVES” for your Tribe. And when the White Men saw this practice Among the Tribesmen and Women? They had an Ahh Haa! Moment! And decided they would join the tradition and with the HELP of Tribesman. Caught and Deported Native African’s to America to become future SLAVES there. (Before you beat up ALL WHITE PEOPLE? Guess What? The orgional Blacks folks had a hand in SLAVERY THEMSELVES.) … Imagine That.

  8. Ironic, for rich people are what makes America so great, as the USA has more rich people than any nation on Earth, and those rich people are who creates our great economy that everyone on Earth wants to .live in. The rich people build our industry, businesses, factories, provides jobs, increases wages, and gives us employment benefits, not the government, because the government has also proven to be inept and incapable of doing these things, as has been proven by every socialist or communist country that have ever existed.

    So who denigrates the rich because of jealousy and envy for what they are capable of doing, while those denigrators are inept and incapable of doing the same, only the socialist and communist and the people who are foolish enough to believe what the socialist and communist tell them through propaganda and lies.

    Without the rich people and their capabilities, the US would be in dire needs, and the American people would be suffering, just like the people of the old USSR and Red China did before they instituted capitalism into their economy and allowed people to become rich, which increased the wealth of all the people in those countries. But unfortunately we could become like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, that became socialist and communist countries, and now their people are suffering with no human rights of freedoms, the only way socialist and communist can keep control of their populations, and where the only rich people are the few elitists that run the governments, and do it very poorly, but steal from their governments, that always prove to be a failure for 90% of the countries’ people.

  9. David hog is a dweeb that tried to use the shooting here in Fl. that he was not even at to try and make a name for himself so he could get rich like others have from taking actions like this .he is just a little boy trying to be something he not A man he does not have enough balls to get a job he needed to be taking around the old wood shed growing up ignore him I am sure his parrent are and probley wish he would change his name

  10. Stupid people tend to flock together. There are rich people on both sides of the aisle, so which ones should not be in control? As if any were.

  11. Impeachment is for members of Congress not just the President! Congress persons lying to the American people is an impeachable offense! I as an American citizen have demanded that my Indiana Representative Jackie Walorski introduce articles of impeachment on the house floor against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for lying to the American people about Border Patrol Agents making detainees drink from toilet and Ilhan Omar if that is even her real name for repeating the lie!

  12. In an intense exchange, committee Chairman Rep. Elijah E. Cumming questioned Homeland Security Chief McAleenan, right he asked one question then started screaming like a heathen without giving a thought to the fact that for months the democrats referred to the caravans overwhelming our borders as a manufactured crisis then when they finally approve an aid package they think the problem should be instantly fixed!
    No member of Congress has the right to scream at any person being questioned for any reason EVER!
    Rep. Elijah E. Cumming is not fit to serve in Congress let alone chair any commitee!

  13. Watch out folks, they want complete Government control. If it was not for people with money, there would be no jobs and then where would these idiots be, oh, rich on tax payers money that they stole, so they could care less about you or me. My former party, (JUST CHANGED) are killing heart beating babies, millions have been killed so, I wonder how many Great minds have they killed. Folks murder is murder and all responsible should be arrested and tried in a court of law.

  14. Love it when a Democrat in congress teams up with a looney like Hogg. Even Democrats don’t like him.:)

  15. Robert Walters, The DEPLORABLE DUMB and DUMBER SQUAD will have a real DUMBER MOVIE real soon.. And the LOONEY TUNES like with Mr. Hogg, . The Muslim BROTHERHOOD and the Muslim in ME will rally around with this PIG TROTTER..

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