You’ll Be Surprised At Who’s Getting Sick Of Woke Politics

The Democrats are becoming more and more radical, and everyone knows it.

There are still, believe it or not, some moderates left in the Democratic Party.

But they’re being pushed out by radical left-wing extremists.

These moderates are now concerned that leftist antics could make Democrats more unpopular.

They can, and they will!

“Is Wokeness ‘Kryptonite for Democrats?’” Times contributor Thomas Edsall’s headline asked.

Edsall quoted several surveys finding most people are against the more radical campaigns, such as efforts to defund the police and upend traditional gender norms. And yet, he said, Republicans can still point to the extreme minority that is pushing these ideas to argue that the Democratic Party is increasingly beholden to the radicals. 

Fox News

They won’t be a minority for long.

People like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are the fresh faces of the Democratic Party now.

More people like them are rising up within the party every single day, and bringing insane policies along with them.

As they do so, they’re alienating middle America, and confining their appeal to woke elites in places like California and New York City.

Even a famous psychologist admitted that woke politics is not working out well for Democrats.

Edsall shared an email he received from social psychologist Jonathan Haidt arguing that the left-wing policies will only serve to drag down the party. 

“Wokeness is kryptonite for Democrats,” Haidt wrote. “Most people hate it, other than the progressive activists. 

Fox News

The best part is the progressives don’t care that most people hate them.

They think they’re oppressed, and that all their problems are caused by conservatives, men, the nuclear family, and Christianity.

With a worldview like that, it’s no surprise nobody likes them.

As a result of this radicalism, moderates in the Democratic Party will simply be squeezed out, and their dislike of the radicals will be seen as a lack of commitment to the progressive cause.

Maybe those unhappy Democrats will see the light and vote for America First GOP candidates instead!

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