Woman SHOCKED By What Happens After Turning In Husband’s Guns

This was an unexpected surprise…

A Florida prosecutor is deciding whether to pursue charges against a woman who turned in her husband’s guns to local police while he was in jail on a domestic violence charge.

Courtney Irby left a divorce proceeding after her estranged husband allegedly rammed his car into her vehicle and ran her off the road. Joseph Irby, 35, was arrested on a domestic violence aggravated battery charge and released on $10,000 bail the next day.

While he was in custody, Courtney Irby allegedly broke into his home and left with his assault rifle and handgun. Then she turned them in to the Lakeland Police Department.

“So you are telling me you committed armed burglary?” a police officer asked her.

Police arrested her and charged her with two counts of grand theft of a firearm and one count of armed burglary. She spent six days in jail and got out on $7,000 bond.

Her family says that Courtney Irby took the weapons to police out of fear for her and her children’s safety.

Citing court documents, the news site reported that Joseph Irby accused his wife of showing aggression during divorce proceedings and said she had taken a third firearm that he said was not handed over to police.

  1. This woman should have known better and reported to the police that her estranged husband have to firearms and let them handle it. The question being fearful for her children may be one of revenge rather than fear. Whatever she gets she deserves.

  2. Let this woman go free and erase her arrest records!!! Get her some help, not more misery!! What has happened to the “Police helping the public”???? Sounds to me like she broke into her own house to get rid of her crazy ex-a-holes guns before he got out and used them on her and the kids!! the LAKELAND POLICE DEPT is somewhere in the clouds when it comes to justice for all!!

    1. William, Here we go with more politically correct BS. The words “ALLEGEDLY” are used because it’s a he said/she said. Maybe he did ram her car, which drive her off the road. Maybe she was just an overly emotional wreck. Maybe she’s lying through her teeth to position herself for more Alimony and child support. Are you aware that for every true, legitimate domestic violence situation, nationally, there are 2.5 (on average) FALSE claims because of the politically correct crap that men must endure. Every person, man and woman, has a breaking point. Men are discriminated against over 80% of the time in divorce proceedings. We all also know that most women are overly emotional, irrational “women scorned”. The article says she broke into HIS house. How many couples in divorce proceedings are still living together. Regardless os financial situations, the woman almost ALWAYS gets the marital house, the kids, the cars, and the man gets the bills to maintain the house and cars, and must pay her for the privilege of divorcing her. Since the odds are very great that they are NOT living together, and she’s charged with breaking into HIS house, chances are that’s what happened. She then committed a second, third and fourth felony by stealing his three guns, only two of which she turned in. The proper procedure is to file a complaint, and enact the unconstitutional red flag law to have the POLICE confiscate his guns. She has ZERO right to do that herself. If a man did that, and broke into his own house, that his EX and children occupy, the feminists and left would be going crazy, calling for him to spend 20-30 years in prison for the 4 felonies he committed. BUT, because she’s a woman, and women feel they can get away with anything, just by “claiming” abuse of some sort abuse, They do anything and everything, and feel they’re “entitled” to do it with impunity. NO. What’s good for 1, is good for BOTH. SHE should now spend the same 20-30 years in prison, just like the feminists would demand HE spend in jail. It’s called “Equal justice, under the law”. NOT special treatment for women, just by a claim against the man. Remember, innocent until PROVEN guilty. Not just by a claim, which is probably, statistically a lie just for divorce positioning. THAT has been proven ten ways to Sunday, It’s just that the lame stream media won’t report the false claims. And most politicians are too cowardly to acknowledge the discrimination men suffer in divorce proceedings. BUT, if government statistics are looked at honestly, and objectively, on average, there are 2.5 lies of some form of abuse and/or violence, for every 1 true case of abuse and/or violence. You fall into the trap of automatically ASSUMING he’s an A-Hole ex. And why not, that’s the politically correct, feminist, far left attitude. All men are bad, All men abuse, All men are violent, All men enjoy Male White Privilege. And no woman would EVER lie or exaggerate to better position herself to take more from her ex, and screw him the best way she possibly can. No woman EVER wants vengeance for being wronged, either for real, or just perceived by emotion.

    2. William heck no! she burglarized her ex Husband Home that is a felony, she stole his property, she has no excuse. Do You own Firearms William if so beware the Red Flag may come your way. and that is exactly why the Red Flag laws will not work they have only euindo to work with not fact and what really constitutes a Red Flag and Who can call in such and if they do and it is found out that it was a vindictive report due to family or neighbor dispute what should happen? We start down that evil slope and America is truly lost.

  3. If the guns were legal, he’ll just get them back anyway! And remember….it takes TWO to tango. She may be a prickly b!tch, lying about everything. I don’t know, and neither do you. IF she were really concerned, she should have gone to The District Attorney and pled her case. Believe me, Lakeland Co is NOT gun friendly!

  4. I can understand her actions but they are still ILLEGAL. Sadly the police had no choice in the arrest. They are the ones who should have went to his home and removed his guns. anyone who thinks a piece of paper would stop this bully from killing the woman and children is a COMPLETE UTTER MORON.

  5. If,in fact , he did ram her vehicle and she had concerns, her first action should probably be a restraining order, which would document her fears and lay the groundwork for future actions.

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