Will Trump Heed Graham’s Advice?

Entering the 24th day of the partial government shutdown, some Republicans are wondering if President Trump will take advice offered by Senator Lindsey Graham.

While on “Fox News Sunday,” Graham suggested that Trump re-open the government, if just for limited time, giving one more chance for diplomatic negotiations on the wall.

“Before he pulls the plug on the legislative option, and I think we are almost there, I would urge them to open up the government for a short period of time, like three weeks, before he pulls the plug (to) see if we can get a deal,” Graham told host Chris Wallace.

Should those negotiations fail Graham concedes that Trump should follow through with declaring a national emergency. Graham is one of the only Republicans to endorse the plan as other members have shown distaste  with the idea.

Yet this may be the only way to reach a resolution on the continued shutdown. Graham also indicated that he held no confidence that Democrats would make the concessions necessary to end the shutdown. 

“Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House, said even if he  [Trump] opened up the government, I’ll give you one dollar for the wall,” Graham said. “As long as that’s the case, we’re never going to get a legislative package, no matter what the Senate does.”

  1. THIS, is NOT GOVERNING-THIS, is RETRIBUTION-for Our President, WINNING the Election, over ‘the Chosen One’! The Dem. house, has ‘long memories & miniscule concern, about Legislating, Governing, actual WORK! This, Dem. ‘Regime’,has no other plan, for the next two years, EXCEPT, to ‘DESTROY’ Our President!

  2. The only reason President Trump should accept Senator Grahams is to give the Congress one last chance to do their job. Two weeks is long enough to get the job done. If they don’t do it to the President’s satisfaction he should declare a National Emergency and do the job himself

  3. Declare a National Emergency and end this mess with Pelosi, so the people can go back to work. A win for you, a loss for Pelosi.

  4. I support My President . Build the Wall. Sorry to people without paycheck. But this is far to important for our Nation. They should use their credit cards. They will get their money back. Then they could pay off what they charged while not getting their pay. That’s what I would do if it was me. The Dems just don’t want President Trump to succeed in anything. They have total hate for him. Instead of love for Our Nation.

  5. Even if you open they will not assist and it will be difficult to shutdown again. Dems never keep their word.

  6. Nancy is not the president she should just do what she was elected to do and tat is work for the American People And Protect Us or go to her protected house and DIE I AM SICK OF HER OBSTRUCTING EVERYTHING SHE CAN TO HARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  7. Call the National security and build the wall mr. President we are behind you 100%Democrats don’t care about us Americans only illegals and how to get people here to vote for them. Congress should not be getting paid as long as the government is closed

  8. Ok, I’d be willing to open the government for two to three weeks to extend one more chance to the democrats to get off their collective butts and do the right thing – negotiate in good faith and once and for all fund the wall (or whatever you need to call it to get it done). If no equitable agreement can be reached in the two to three weeks, then declare a national emergency and damn the obstructionist!

  9. Mr. President Trump, we are behind you 100%, the democrats are cutting their nose off to spite their face. I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is capable of being a leader of any house as long as she continues to abuse and misuse her power for HER own personal vendetta against the president. She refuses to listen to Homeland and Border Security Personnel because it doesn’t fit into her plans to Prevent the President accomplishing his promises to the people. A typical politician move. We the people of this United States voted for you to do what you have done and are getting done, We the people want the wall and illegal immigration handled instead she wants to laugh at you which is laughing at the people who voted for you. Nancy Pelosi is laughing at the United States Citizens. She makes me sick to have made this a political fight. We the people are tired of the” typical politician”, the liars, make promises they never keep. Our security is very important and how dare, she laugh and joke about securing our borders. We the people, want you Mr. President to stand for the people and protecting our citizens. Thank you for standing up for our rights even when the democrats are trying to play politics instead of doing their job. Thank you for working for the best interest of the current U.S. citizens. Stand Tall and don’t give up. Don’t lower yourself to the level of those who don’t seem to care about the people just themselves.

    1. Dawn Lacey,
      I hope you will go to the W. H. website and actually share this wonderful letter of yours with the President of the USA. Thank you,

  10. Thank you President Trump for trying so hard to get us a wall to protect the American people. If Nancy thinks it’s immoral or it doesn’t work she should tear hers down . Why should she be protected and the American people not!!! She thinks she is the President, well she is not, no one likes her not even her own party, quit licking your teeth Nancy and start doing your job, which is to protect the American people, not yourself!!

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