Why Did Biden Label Obama Picture With A Letter N?

Is there a good reason for this?

Recently Joe Biden posted an image on Instagram and many people are wondering the reason why he decided to place a letter ‘N’ below previous president Obama.

People went in on the photo commenting:

“Why’d you choose the ‘N’ for the picture with Obama?”

“Obama gave him the ‘n’ word pass”

“Woah, whats with the N next to obama? That’s kinda racist”

“Your N”

What are your thoughts on the letter underneath Obama?

      1. But the media will make an excuse for Biden because he is a Democrat. If that were a Republican that put a N under Obama’s name, it would be non stop coverage accusing the person of racism.

  1. Now there is no Racism in that letter. N could be for NITWIT, NINCOMPOOP, and other words that speak of his IGNORANCE. But to really hit his STUPIDITY on the head it would have to be these words WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER for brains EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN. So Biden was not being a Racust he was trying to be polite in calling Obozo something ever Obozo’s extremely limited mind could know about.

  2. This American Nipper is the number one enemy of American Ideals and Freedoms. Biden calls his what he is a (N) a native of Kenya. Proof is, Obama Barry was born in Kenya?

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