White Couple Claims They Will Have Black Children Because They ‘Indentify As Black’

Apparently, deciding your race is just another plastic surgery you can pay for as one couple claims to have “become” black.

Daily Mail TV interviewed a recently married white couple who not only identify as black but expect their future children to be black as well. 

Seems like someone was asleep for all of biology.

Martina Big asserts that doctors informed her that her children will be born black now that she has emerged from surgery as an African woman. 

“Yep, they said they will be black,” Big said when asked about potential children.

Big has made a life for herself as an erotic model in Germany and gained notoriety when she and her husband, Michael Eurwen, began taking injections to darken their skin tone.

Host Holly Willoughby expressed her doubt about the outcome and asked the couple if they would still feel connected to their baby if it should be born white. 

“No, if it’s it a mix of Michael and me,” Big said. ‘I’m pretty sure it will be black or if it is milk chocolate or a little bit lighter it doesn’t matter.”

This is not the first procedure the 30 year-old woman has undergone also getting a nose job, liposuction and lip fillers in order to feel like the “African woman” she believes herself to be. 

  1. Slippery slope. Transgender and now trans-race. Subjectivity has overruled objectivity. Identify as a Martian and nobody has the right to interfere with another’s fantasy.
    I have a fraternal twin brother. Imagine the possibilities. We could identify as two girls or a girl and a boy. We could add a friend or relative and identify as triplets.
    Don’t confuse me with the facts I’ve already made up my mind.
    How far we’ve come in three generations.

    1. that gave me a good laugh. Thanks. But they did not mention she has put on about 100 more lbs. Black women are not generally overweight.

  2. I’m not sure if this couple pose a danger to themselves or the general public as of yet but they are surely leaning towards the limits.. Remember the freak Michael Jackson? He spent most of his life undergoing one surgery after another to become someone different than who he was born. Has his skin tone lighten to a pasty white but he was still black no matter what he did.
    I don’t care if this couple have their skin tone changed to resemble that of a zebra it is not going to change genetics their children God Forbid they ever have any offspring are going to be white, and should the couple subject their children to similar injections as they themselves have had this couple should be locked up for child endangerment.

  3. Since I identify as a Martian, I don’t think it’s fair that any Earth government ought to impose their laws and rules over me.

  4. The pictures should have been identified. I suppose it’s easy to make fun of this. The report was entirely too skimpy. Not enough background and depth

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