What America Agrees On About Trump’s Speech

President Donald Trump has at long last delivered his State of the Union address and it did not disappoint. In fact, the truth about the speech’s reception is bit surprising no matter what side you’re on. 

A CBS News poll meant to gauge America’s reaction to Trump’s speech showed that 76 percent of viewers APPROVED of the speech. To be clear, that means only less than a quarter of viewers could find something to be upset about.

The president’s calls for understanding and cooperation apparently struck a chord with the whole of the nation. 

Another strong point of the speech was Trump again reaffirming that he would successfully build a border wall. In what could only be news to Democrats, these numbers also confirm that the majority of America supports the plan to build a wall as well.

Hopefully the positive momentum that the address has created can carry into the negotiations on the wall and save the U.S. from unnecessary trouble come the 15th.

  1. Thank you, I am afraid that if we do not reighn in the LIBERALS it will be the end of America. Ludwig von Mieses was right and Maynard Keenes with his Lineral Ideas dead wrong. JOHN S.

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