WATCH: Unhinged Democrat Rep. Goes On Rant About Trump, Makes INSANE Claim

In an interview on liberal media network MSNBC, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had this to say.

They’re willing to abandon our system of government and use all measures necessary to install or keep in place the person they want in power, Donald Trump.”

Breitbart News

This is the kind of thing Democrats have nightmares about.

But there’s simply no evidence for this at all.

She made plenty of other wild assertions too, which you can hear in this video.

They include statements like these.

Wasserman Schultz said, “Make no mistake, this was a domestic terror attack whose purpose was to overturn the results of a legitimate election. You have an attack that was incited by the then president of the United States, the executive branch on the citadel of our democracy, the United States Capitol, the legislative branch to prevent the end of his own presidential term and overturn an election. If that doesn’t cry out for an independent investigation, I don’t know what does. How will we prevent another attack if we don’t get to the bottom of how this one occurred and do everything we can to put in place measures to make sure it can’t happen again?”

Breitbart News

She added, “The Republican Party clearly, is now made up of people who subscribe to the views of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene and they worship at the alter of Donald Trump. They have abandon any commitment to our small “r” republic principles of government so that we can make sure we are the beacon of democracy and hope for the world.”

Breitbart News

Democrats like Schultz are so freaked out by the thought of their being a revolution that they literally believe it’s happening any moment now.

And that Trump supporters will be behind it.

But that’s not true.

Republicans obey the law.

Democrats evade questions about potential election fraud.

Democrats support BLM and Antifa which burns down buildings and causes chaos in the streets.

Democrats want to let criminal illegal aliens roam around our towns and cities.

If there’s going to be a violent revolution, it’s pretty easy to see who would do it.

Hint: It’s not anybody that supports Donald Trump.

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  1. It appears that the “washerwomanslut”, commie pelosi and the majority of their democommie cohorts are ALL certifiably insane and intrinsically evil; America can never be saved and will never be SAFE until ALL of them are exterminated, like the vermin they are.

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