Shocking Footage Shows Bus Driver Attacking Schoolgirl – Here’s Why

A video recently emerged of a schoolgirl being attacked by a bus driver who was supposed to be taking her to school.

The incident was so shocking it got the bus driver fired from his job.

Here’s a link to the clip.

And here’s the details:

The driver, Bertram Jaquez, was on his route when an argument between girls on the bus prompted him to stop the vehicle and intervene in the adolescent quarrel.

Security footage from the bus shows the driver reaching for a ten-year-old girl’s mask and trying to lift it over her nose.

The young girl, who let her nose out from under her mask because she felt ill, was then slapped across the face by the aggressive driver.

In a written statement to the school district, Jaquez tried to justify his outburst, saying, “Out of reaction, I slapped her once.”

The school bus driver is now facing misdemeanor charges including harassment, assault causing injury, and child abuse.


If this wasn’t shocking enough, it turns out the driver had done this once before:

A portion of the district’s termination letter to Jaquez revealed he previously put hands on a student over a mask confrontation, writing, “This is the second time this year where you have physically touched a student out of anger. The first incident was August 19, where you grabbed a student by the arm after a verbal argument about wearing a facial covering.”


At least the driver won’t be doing this to any more kids.

But it also goes to show how out-of-hand the enforcement of mask-wearing has become.

It’s a personal choice, and other people shouldn’t be getting involved, let alone attacking someone over it.

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