MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Launches Anti-American Rant – It Exposes Shocking Agenda

Joe Scarborough is your typical liberal news host, recycling Democrat talking points.

But in one of his recent rants, he let slip something that liberals want but usually keep quiet about.

Crazy Joe Scarborough suffered a complete meltdown on MSNBC Friday morning over the Arizona Forensic Audit of the Maricopa County ballots and voting machines.

Democrats on Friday were running with the latest lie by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs that the Dominion Voting Machines were ruined because of the audit team’s investigation. She has absolutely no proof of this but she’s desperate and so she had to say something.

Joe Scarborough said the quiet part out loud.

He wants Americans to be replaced by migrants!

The Gateway Pundit

Yes, that’s right.

Liberals like Scarborough look down upon the native American population and want us to be replaced by people from other countries.

This is because those people will usually vote Democrat.

Here’s the video of his rant, as well as another possible motive for his comments.

American patriots need to realise that liberals aren’t just joking around when they say this stuff.

They fully intend to replace the population of America with various groups of people who will combine to keep the Democrats in power forever.

This cannot be allowed to happen – America’s fate depends on it!


  2. I have never heard of him before If I don’t know a lot about you I will not listen and especially a left leaning guy but is this fucking guy for real He sounds like he just escaped from Patton state hospital for the criminally insane This guy was watching in a mirror all of the screws got put to us but pecker checker had to be looking at it in the mirror President Trump got fucked all the way to the hub caps and this guy moron wants to talk about democracy and fair elections You have guys with hundreds of harvested ballots and that is a fair election Having the machine vote for Biden instead of Trump This fucking creep needs to be dragged out of there I will suggest that someone give him some of my Marine Corps training maybe just a day He is a punk he would be crying before lunch Every time he opens his cocksucker it makes you want to puke

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