WHOA: Joy Behar Indulges in Fantasy About THIS Happening to Donald Trump

One of the co-hosts of the incredibly liberal talk show The View recently had a fantasy about Donald Trump.

It was as mad as it was unsettling.

It came from the mouth of none other than Joy Behar.

Here’s the clip.

Let’s break it down into chunks:

Behar said, “Well, you know, I was reading that 95 to 99% of all cases that go to the grand jury end up in indictments. So, I mean, I’m a betting woman. I say he could be indicted very easily. I think he’s probably trembling. 

Breitbart News

The idea that President Trump would be trembling over a court case is laughable, but Behar clearly has a vivid imagination.

She’s also not a lawyer, so she wouldn’t know about indictments.

Of course, he’ll deny everything. It’s a witch hunt. When he was impeached, it’s a witch hunt. It’s always a witch hunt, and he’s always completely innocent. You know you’ll find his accountant, Weisselberg, under a bus any day. Ivanka, I don’t know who he is. He’s only been in the family for 30 years. Ivanka, stop it. 

Breitbart News

It is a witch hunt, and everyone with common sense knows it.

As for that comment about his accountant and Ivanka Trump, that’s the sort of crazy made-up story you can expect from a liberal.

When he’s indicted, I’m having a big party with Mexican food, a pinata, margaritas, everything. I can’t wait. I’m having a severe case of schadenfreude as we speak.”

Breitbart News

No surprise at all that Behar would have a party over this.

Do liberals actually do anything other than moan about people they hate?

It seems not.

Ironically, Behar’s life sure looks like it doesn’t have any joy in it!

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