WATCH: Dem Rep. Suffers From Trump Derangement Syndrome In This Interview

Democrats are known for being rabidly anti-Trump, often to the point of complete insanity.

Life is no different for Representative Jamie Raskin, who went off-the-rails about Trump in a friendly chat with CNN’s Don Lemon.

He went on a lengthy and tiresome rant, positioning himself as a moral authority over Trump supporters.

You can watch the full clip here.

He was particularly condescending toward Stop the Steal participants.

Trump did not win the election. These are people who were brought to Washington under the premise that the election was being stolen and they were going to go and stop the steal. So it’s hard to blame them in a weird way. We need to get the truth out to those people, and Donald Trump should be an absolute pariah in America, as well as everybody who has been enabling his anti-social and anti-democratic conduct.”

Breitbart News

It is in Democrats’ interests that people believe Trump did not win the 2020 election.

There have been many intriguing reports about voter fraud, which many readers will probably be familiar with.

Democrats ignore and dismiss all of that.

Besides, who is Raskin to be telling Trump supporters what the truth is?

He’s a Democrat!

Here’s more of his unhinged commentary:

But they are too eager to protect Donald Trump and the evidence of his attempted political coup against the government and against the election and too eager to protect the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers in their insurrection against America. Then they’re too eager, I think, to protect the rioters themselves, who were seduced by Donald Trump’s invitation to come to Washington, from the truth because those people will defect very quickly once we simply proclaim the truth, which is that the big lie is a lie, that Donald Trump did not win the election.

Breitbart News

There’s no seduction and no eagerness, just a deep-seated love for America motivating patriots to attend the Capitol and support President Trump.

Plus hardly any of the people attending the Capitol protest belonged to those three groups.

It also wasn’t an insurrection, because Capitol police opened the magnetically locked doors of the Capitol building to allow protesters in.

Democrats don’t want you to know any of this, because they live in their own fantasy world which they’re desperate for you to believe in as well.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Raskin finishes up by saying Trump encourages chaos and violence…

If we don’t intervene to stop it now, this will become the norm. Political violence will be validated and normalized. That’s what Donald Trump wants. I mean, he’s someone who always likes to encourage chaos and violence wherever he goes, and then he wraps his political plans inside of it.

Breitbart News

What about BLM and Antifa?

Not a word.

Typical liberal hypocrisy.

Don’t believe a word Raskin says.

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