Vulgar Outburst By New Dem Congresswoman

Shortly after being sworn into Congress, Rashida Tlaib wasted no time in reaffirming her disapproval of President Trump in the crudest possible way.

While Tlaib has been a frequent and vocal critic of Trump, even calling for impeachment in an op-ed she wrote for the Detroit Free Press, she usually did so with at least some amount of decency. 

During an event for a progressive advocacy group, Tlaib recounted a conversation she allegedly had with her son.

“People love you and you win,” said Tlaib. “And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Momma, look you won. Bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf***er.’”

Tlaib’s profane announcement was shared on Twitter as well as being confirmed by numerous journalists in attendance. What consequences it will have for the new Congress member has yet to be seen.

It is however a bold statement to make that doesn’t seem to have the proper support, given that newly re-instated Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been hesitant to endorse the impeachment of President Trump.

    1. Such vulgarity just shows the low class of the democratic party these days. It also shows how uneducated they have become to teach their children to be further uneducated. Yes we could sling mud at each other and say one side is uneducated or the other side is uneducated but I think the writing is on the wall here. I think if we both collected each other sound bites I think it would be very clear who the more insane party is. And that is a topic I would not have to debate. The proof would be in the insane pudding.

    2. Least we know who to ship all the Shit to when she gets flushed out of Washington !! Your house in the middle of your street your house where all the Dum ass’s go to meet !!!

  1. Vulgarity does not belong in the public space although it can slip out if you step on a nail. What Tlaib did/said was intentional and she represents the good people in her district. She is supposed to set an example of civilty, inclusion and fairness, all of which is absent! Her past and now present comments and actions are indicative of a foul mouth, spoiled child and an unaware narrcisist. Behavior presents your attitude to the it is unfortunate that her district voted for her because like a child, she is more interested in her social media responses over her district, state and country, let alone her children and family. As an employee, she would be fired. Compare her accomplishments and demeanor to JFK, Geo. HW, former Congressional members; you can’t! The Democratic Party now have so many college “un-educated” members that lack awareness and capable of lying on camera, denying what they said in the past. Their true gift is their ability to appear knowledgeable and sincere despite laying out a false narrative and lying in fact. Many are running for president in ’20. Chuck, Durbin, Swalwell (sp), Schiff, Clinton”s, Obama et al are evidence. “Seeing is believing, believing is seeing”. They believe it so they see it! Guilt, shame and humility does not exist on the left.

  2. Her nasty, offensive, degrading comment needs a mother to wash her mouth out with soap, but since she
    came from from such a low class, that she bragged that her grandmother would have also used that slutty word, I guess the American people now know what her standards are, too low to want to go there.

  3. This is one nasty foul mouth woman ,GOD save us when people dumb as this can get elected for any thing ,I understand she is even a Muslim woman , this is like a chicken thing Colonel Sanders is god!

  4. Is that the kind of discipline this dumb mother teaching her children? I wouldn’t be surprise if her children grind up to be ad assenine and disrespectful as her.. An apple tree will not bear a peach fruit; in the same token tell me who your mother is and i’ll tell you what kind of upbringing you’ve got. In this case a vulgar VILE momma using foul words to her son is a reflection of the kind of EDUCATION AND FAMILY BACKGROUND SHE CAME FROM.

    1. She’s A TRASH TALKER alright. Now I know why Congress has such a low rating (9)percent. People use to have respect for one another.

    2. That’s how true muslooms really are,they tried to hide there true ID,but this ugly and a fat musloom tells it all, I was not surprised,they finally showed their true color.

  5. Here we have ignorant ‘Repulsi’cans judging this woman instead of Trump himself or their ignorant selves!

  6. These people come in with hidden agendas. It is not to make America better or to protect America. Wasn’t she the same person that was physically escorted from a political event because she refused to act in a civil demeanor? Wasn’t she upset because there was a ban on Muslims? Michigan was rezoned and it’s believed she was elected because of the area being predominantly Muslim. This is getting dangerous and people need insight into pay attention to what’s happening to their country? Is Sharia law next? It was suggested that’s the next step for America. WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PUT IN OFFICE-YOU MAY BE SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY!!

  7. Dangerous & cocky!!! Tlaib is a typical, arrogant, radical muslim who is in America for one reason only; to take down President Trump & America!!! She & 1,000’s of radical muslims also in America are on a mission, & have been from the very beginning; to Replace All Christians & Minorities in america with radical muslim jihadists!!! Our Military has been Fighting against these killers in the mid East for years, & Now they are HERE, thanks to obuma & the dems!!! Obuma & all 8 of the new, muslim congress people swore an oath to work For America & We Citizens, to provide Security & Safety for All!!! But, they swore on the “QURAN”, not Bible!!! Their Loyalty is Not To We American Citizens, but to “ISLAM”!!! We have to support President Trump & Our Peacekeepers, Civilian & Military, or Our America will be gone!!!😥😥😥🗽💓🗽👍👊🙏

  8. Too bad her vocabulary doesn’t include the English we would all have wanted to learn from. Another Muslim who can’t think out of the box… Hate…hate…hate.
    How does her community support such vulgar and uneducated expression of ignorance? A one idea candidate who hasn’t any idea of how the system or culture work. She ran on this one statement….Impeachment. Wow. that really helps all of the rest of us who are looking for constructive economic solutions to the many, many issues facing our country.
    What a waste of time.

  9. Sad to say, moslems to not behave in the fashion of Tliab
    Let alone a Congress woman.She is Low class and needs watching . She is a proven terrifying member of our new government. Also the face of the new Democrats.

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