VIDEO: THIS Caused A Snowflake Meltdown

A stunning video has gone viral on the internet after it shows how socialism is encouraging helpless “victim” behavior in future generations. 

The video in question features 21-year-old Jessy Taylor from Tampa, Florida having an absolute meltdown at the prospect of having to do what every contributing member of society does, getting a job.

Taylor spends nearly four minutes crying, yelling and pleading with viewers to stop reporting her accounts. This was brought on after her Instagram account of over 100,000 followers was removed because of spam accusations.

The young woman bemoans the thought of getting a normal job in order to support herself, claiming that she has no workplace skills. 

“The people who work 9-5 — that is not me, I am in L.A. to not be like that,” she said.

Then Taylor shares that before finding social media prominence that she was a sex worker, implying that the loss of her following would push her back into prostitution. 

“I was a f***ing prostitute,” she stated. “I used to strip every single day. I don’t even do that s**t anymore because I make all my money online. I don’t want to go back to that life.”

This is the type of person that socialism caters to, those who have no desire to actually put in an honest days work in order to gain their share. 

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