UNHOLY ALLIANCE: How These 2 Forces Brainwash the Masses

Everyone knows about the influence of the mainstream media and big business.

But in recent years, they’ve grown closer and closer to each other.

And now they work together to prop up liberal causes and oppose conservatives.

Ownership of America’s largest news media companies by complex conglomerates creates conflicts of interest in news media reporting, Marlow noted in an interview with Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday.

He identified integration of news media outlets into multi-billion-dollar corporations as a cause of deepening industry corruption beyond bad faith claims of political neutrality.

Parents companies of large news media properties weaponize their assets to enforce compliance with their business interests, Marlow held.

“Now, the enforcers of the anti-science mask mandates will be the corporations, because the corporations are getting increasingly left and increasingly woke,” he remarked. “Most of the world seems to be pretty coached up on [the fact] that the establishment media is biased to the left. They have a liberal bias.”

Breitbart News

When companies and the press claim not to be political, it’s usually a lie.

They may not specifically claim they favor Democrats or are left-wing, but they will push all the causes associated with them.

And this always comes at the expense of conservatives who don’t get a fair hearing in the mainstream anymore.

This is all by design, as conservatives have been marked as the enemy.

First of all, the establishment is now weaponized. They are now on the attack. It is not merely that they’re slanting the news. They’re directing their news specifically to get scalps, to get victories.”

“It is not just about them being liberal,” he added. “It’s also about them being globalists and corporatists, because if you think about this — for example, NBC News, we all hate NBC news, right? — but NBC News is part of NBC-Comcast-Universal, and it’s only one branch on a very large corporate tree with international interests all around the world and in a million different ways.”

Breitbart News

This is why alternative media sources and social media platforms are so important.

Without them, conservatives would be completely silenced and isolated, which is what liberals want.

He said, “The only hope going forward for the media is independent voices. It’s going to be talk radio. It’s going to be podcasts. It’s going to be Substack. It’s going to be places like Breitbart. It’s going to be places that are not having to answer the corporate boardrooms with whatever they choose to do, and once we see that, the more honest our media will become.”

Breitbart News

Let’s hope alternatives to big media, big tech, and big business continue to flourish!

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