UNBELIEVABLE: Liberals Accuse Trump Of THIS Petty Crime

They are extremely desperate…

Left-leaning news outlets have been looking for something worthy of impeaching President Donald Trump in vain — and it seems they’ve just discovered what they wanted.

Recently, a distant cousin of the president argues that Trump visited the childhood residence of his late Scottish-immigrant mother in Scotland in 2008 and forgot that the cousin’s husband had died and stole pancakes. According to the Scottish newspaper The National, Alice Mackay, the cousin linked to Trump on his mom’s side, stated that Trump did little to assist the city where his mom was raised and spent “just 97 seconds” in his mother’s childhood house.

Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, was raised on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland with nine other siblings before emigrating to the United States in 1930. Mackay told the National that Mary Anne and Trump’s father, Fred, were “lovely,” but Trump himself was selfish.

“I don’t like the man at all, he’s so unlike his mother and father. He had lovely parents, I don’t know what went wrong with him. My mum and dad were second cousins. Every time they were over here they came to ours for dinner,” she told the outlet.

“He [Donald Trump] was here one morning I was busy making pancakes and he had forgotten my husband had died. He put a few pancakes in pocket and never said ‘cheerio’ or anything.”

Mackay said Trump’s mother lent money in the 1970s to Lewis, unlike Trump. In 2015, Trump’s sister, Maryanne, donated £158,000 to Bethesda’s home care and hospice in Stornoway, Lewis ‘ capital.

“They were a lovely pair. His sister gave a big donation to the hospice. Mary Anne gave money to the Tong centre as well. She was a lovely woman,” Mackay said.

Trump said in 2008 when he visited that he had been “very busy—I am building jobs all over the world—and it’s very, very tough to find the time to come back. But this just seemed an appropriate time, because I have the plane… I’m very glad I did, and I will be back again.”

Trump’s sister, Maryanne, has visited Lewis and her cousins “regularly,” according to the BBC.

Trump also pledged to “look at” making Lewis Castle a hotel and museum, but he never followed up with authorities.

Newsweek reached out to the White House but did not receive a response.

Trump’s mother was 17 when she emigrated to the U.S. Settling in New York, she met Fred Trump at a party and was married in 1936, six years after she emigrated.

“From across the Atlantic Ocean, Mary Anne retained her links with the isolated community, donating funds to help construct a village hall in the 1970s. Mary Anne visited Scotland regularly, and spoke the traditional Gaelic language when she did, according to the BBC,” the outlet wrote.

The cousin, 79-year-old Mackay, said positive things not only about Trump’s parents, but also about his sister Maryanne, 82, because of their visits and contributions to the Isle of Lewis.

  1. This is a disgrace!! The whole nation should be alerted!! Call out the hounds!! Alert the “Fake News Media”!! This reeks of treason!!! Get Up-Chucks face out of Pee’Lousy’s crotch long enough to comment!!! Only one word comes to mind!!! ATROCIOUS!!!

  2. So frigging what!!! I have never even spent one second in my mother’s ancestral home! And is this cousin aware of who Trump is? I seriously doubt that he has to “steal” pancakes for God’s sake! He could afford to buy the local IHOP and have pancakes whenever he wants! The left is really, really grasping at straws with this one! Someone alert Nadler! He may want to include this in his articles of impeachment along with all the other stupid articles!

  3. Is stealing from the cookie jar an impeachable offense? If so, why don’t you crazy libs hire a detective to see if you can catch thePresident expectorating on the sidewalk?

  4. Is this all they got. The media is digging so deep they well never crawl out. Very sad to see the stupidity here. I guess they are working hard to make sure Trump gets in. 2020

  5. Once, when I was just a little girl-around 6 yrs. old- my parents & I visited my Grandmother & of course, all the family-cousins aunts, uncles etc. came there as well-for a ‘get together’. I , ‘witnessed’, my Uncle Bill-‘stealing’ a piece of Grandam’s fried chicken & ‘told on him’! Grandma laughed & smacked my Uncle Bill’s hand! OH! THE HORROR!

  6. The DEMOCRATS seem to be desperate! Stealing pancakes at a relatives home is a crime? When I was a child we always got ham and biscuits out of our Grandmother’s cupboard without asking. Grandma expected us to do so. What deep secrets are you DEMOCRATS hiding?

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