Tucker Carlson SNAPS, Drags Ocasio-Cortez Through The DIRT

He’s had enough…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Wednesday over her open “bigotry” after she blamed an entire racial group for “producing climate change” during a congressional hearing last week.

“She’s an unapologetic bigot, someone who attacks others for the way they were born,” Carlson said. “There’s nothing legitimate about that, you can’t debate bigotry, it’s pure poison.”

Carlson continued, “It’s terrifying to think that someone who spews open racism has become a role model for our young people but that is exactly what has happened and it’s been happening since Ocasio-Cortez arrived on the public stage.”

Src: True Pundit

  1. Actually if you could believe that a certain race is pushing the so called “man made” climate change, it would have to be the Chinese, who are polluting the air and water more than the rest of the world COMBINED!! Not “whitie”!!

    1. I am going to say this one more time the USA makes up less than 2% of the entire Earth’s surface, we can’t save the other 98% no matter what we do and anyone that thinks we can is an idiot that belongs in an institution! I will leave the world to GOD and so should everyone else instead of acting like a democrat!

  2. When you look at AOC and listen to her you wonder who would fall for her crap. She is beyond ignorant. My main concern is the level of knowledge or intelligence or both of the average voter. What is wrong with them.?

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