Trump’s Niece ERUPTS On CNN

She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Mary Trump attacked President Donald Trump stating that his recent coronavirus response was “willfully criminal.”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked, “The president told Bob Woodward that he knew back in February that this virus could be transmitted through the air and also was deadlier than the flu. But obviously, that’s not what he told the public at the time. He said the flu was deadlier. He dismissed all of the concern from Democrats as a hoax. Their concern wasn’t real. So you’re a psychologist in addition to knowing the president. Why would he leave Americans in the dark? Why would he mislead about this virus knowing that that deception could actually cost people their lives because they did not know how deadly this virus was as he downplayed it for weeks if not months?”

Mary Trump stated, “Because he doesn’t care what happens to the American people. And for various reasons, he believed it was to his benefit to keep it secret or to downplay it. Look, we have so much damning information. That quote is damning. The recent news that the post office was going to send out an excess of 650 million masks and the White House torpedoed that idea because they didn’t want to panic people? I mean, we’re getting to the point where this isn’t just negligent, it’s willfully criminal. Imagine how many tens of thousands of Americans would still be with us if we had all been wearing masks provided to us for free by the American government. It’s mind-boggling.” You can watch a clip of Trump’s remarks here.

Image credit: Fox News

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  1. Calling President Trump a “Criminal” should be grounds for her being investigated. She’s a fake and I hear her stupid book is not selling very well. So sad. Most of her family tried to get her to stop writing that book, but now she has to pay the price. Not many out here are paying the price for her book. You’re a loser little girl. So sad you have no respect for the highest office. It will come back to bite you in the ass one day.

  2. She would really be in trouble along with the country if the DemocRATS were on control! First they would never talk to the private sector a vaccine would take five years with the government to get it done and then it might not be done. Look at what Obama and Niden accomplished with a minor pandemic and one oof the leaders said it was a disaster! Trump got help from everyone he ssked in the private sector and that could have worked a lot better except for blue led states trying to destroy the economy figuring it would hurt Trump in the election, fo not give a dam about there constituents and backing ANTIFA and BLM destroying 17 cities run by the DemocRATS causing a 2 billion dollar cost and what is worse they are not getting any help from taxpayers outside there states! Vote DemocRAT if you want more destruction and incompetent and clueless politicians who do not give a dam about the citizens!

  3. This woman seems bitter because Trump took his inheritance and made it bigger than what he inherited, apparently her father was not as successful as Trump, so she is jealous and wants to hurt her uncle any way she can, she thought a derogative book about him would bring her fame and fortune, who wants to read a book that most likely is full of lies with a little truth thrown in, not me I will spend my money on something worth while

  4. Tump was right to down play Covid. Look at the IGNORANCE that took place when people found out about Covid. Can you imagine what would have happen had Trump told people how bad Covid could be. There would have been mass Suicides and gun battles over Toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Any and everything Mass Hysteria could cause would have happened. Delivery trucks would have been hunted down and robbed. So given the IGNORANCE of many in America Trump did the RIGHT thing by not telling America how bad it was to start. Had Obozo hold overs not tried to SCREW Trump over those from America in China would have been Quarantined and that would have stopped the spread but they cared more about hurting Trump than they did people so they SCREWED EVERYONE.

  5. Mary Trump is a disgruntled member of the Trump family and is now looking for fame and fortune at the expense of her uncle. People see through her for what she is and thus do not support her lies. Bottom line is Donald succeeded and she failed.

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