Trump’s Final Words To Gillibrand Sets Democratic Party ON FIRE

The truth has been spoken…

President Donald Trump criticized Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Wednesday following the official announcement by the New York senator that she was dropping out of the presidential race in 2020.

“After more than eight incredible months I am ending my presidential campaign. I know this isn’t the result we wanted – we wanted to win this race,” Gillibrand said in her final campaign video. “But it’s important to know when it’s not your time and to know how you can best serve your community and country. I believe I can best serve by helping to unite us to beat Donald Trump in 2020.”

“A sad day for the Democrats,” Trump replied to the news. “Kirsten Gillibrand has dropped out of the Presidential Primary. I’m glad they never found out that she was the one I was really afraid of!”

In her presidential campaign, Gillibrand struggled to obtain traction. The presidential candidate failed to qualify for the upcoming primary discussions during the collapse of the Democratic National Committee, in which many political strategists regard to be a critical even for any campaign.

Not only was Gillibrand unable to fulfill the limit of fundraising requiring donations from no less than 130,000 individual contributors, but she also failed to fulfill the voting limit needing candidates to obtain at least 2 percent support in four or more DNC-approved polls.

Gillibrand’s voting was so small that the national polls often ignored her entirely. She was thus supported by an average of 0.5 percent of the population — the only opponent she was ahead of was former Rep. Joe Sestak.

Before it was even officially launched, Gillibrand’s campaign was plagued with accusations of hypocrisy and flip-flopping. She disclosed in November that she was mulling over a presidential campaign, although she promised to serve her complete six-year term if she was re-elected to the Senate before her mid-term election. After she handily won, she walked back that pledge.

Gillibrand is a strong proponent for women’s issues and has been a Women’s March vocal proponent. Her campaign concentrated mainly on intersectionality and gender politics as she attempted to carve a niche in the crowded Democratic primary field.

Despite positioning herself as a women’s rights champion, however, within her department, Gillibrand brushed off two distinct sexual misconduct charges against male employees.

Most notable though was Gillibrand’s shifting stance on the Second Amendment. She has been an outspoken critic of the National Rifle Association (NRA), even touting her F rating from the gun rights organization. However, the NRA notably rated Gillibrand an A up until the year she moved to the Senate from New York’s 20th Congressional District and flipped on her support for gun rights.

In addition to the Second Amendment, her stance on immigration has flip-flopped since joining the Senate. Gillibrand referred to Trump’s immigration and border security policies as racist on multiple occasions, despite previously supporting identical positions. She further claimed that those same positions were not racist when she supported them.

She also reversed her stance to allow illegal immigrants to receive driver’s permits just one day after she proclaimed her presidential campaign formally.

  1. Gillibrand was a STRONG PROPONENT or OPPONENT (often for the same issue) so often, one never had any idea what she was for or against. The woman has NO FOUNDATION, just someone searching for the idea supported by whomever she is speaking with, at the time! WHAT A PERFECT DEMOCRAT AIRHEAD!

  2. Too bad she dropped out. It was fun watching her make a fool out of herself with her IDIOTIC Socialist ideas!!

  3. A woman who constantly changed her stance on issues should never be a leader. Wish washy people can’t be trusted. I haven’t seen a good candidate running in the Democrat Party. They are out to destroy America and make us like countries that are run by dictators. VOTE RED IN 2020. REMOVE ALL DEMOCRATS FROM OFFICE.

  4. She is a whiny, shrill, nasty person. She is a man hater. She is a liar – kept complaining the reason why she was so low in the polls because she was “a young mother”. Her “young” days are long past. And kept beating the “white privilege” war drum, and how SHE was going to explain it to “us white folk”. That is quite rich coming from the whitest, pastiest member of Congress, who had her Senate seat handed to her via the seat held by Hillary Clinton when she ran for President in 2008 (her first failed attempt).

  5. She has not had 1 positive accomplishment while in office as a senator of New York State — I couldn’t believe it when she said she was going to run for the presidency. The only thing she is fit to run for is — cover!!!!!

  6. It will be interesting to see if she suddenly gets what she needs (magically). As we all know, she flip-flops and she may do it again if the demons decide it. Never mind the voters, they don’t count when it comes to the demonrats. If they take the bait, it will be the biggest laugh of all. Good one Trump. Vote Trump 2020 and save America.

  7. Personally I believe that all the democRATS that are claiming to be running for the presidency is actually trying to line their pockets at the expense of the people who donate money to them, just another scam of the democRATS, what else can you expect from the dishonest democRATS, they will even lie to the people who support and vote for them

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