Trump warns of invasion (Updated: One more caravan)

Update : While Washington Post fact-checkers argue among themselves about whether or not the situation at the border constitutes a humanitarian crisis, the outlet reports that in Honduras, another migrant caravan is preparing to start the long trek north.

“Another migrant caravan is forming in Honduras, with plans to set out next week on a journey that will once again test the immigration policies of Mexico and the United States,” The Washington Post reports.

— end update —

President Donald Trump on Friday claimed there is an “invasion” and“humanitarian crisis” along the southern border, as the government shutdown has stretched into its 21st day and as Trump weighs declaring a national emergency to secure funds for his border wall.

“Humanitarian Crisis at our Southern Border. I just got back and it is a far worse situation than almost anyone would understand, an invasion! I have been there numerous times – The Democrats, Cryin’ Chuck and Nancy don’t know how bad and dangerous it is for our ENTIRE COUNTRY….” he wrote in a tweet.

Trump visited McAllen, Texas, on Thursday, where he held a roundtable to discuss the border wall and toured an area near the Rio Grande River on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Congress is currently at a standstill as Trump refuses to back off his demand for $5.7 billion to fund his wall, which Democrats have refused to do. Trump has said he will declare a national emergency to secure the fundsif Congress cannot find a compromise that would both finance the wall and reopen the government

    1. 5.7 billion is a drop in the bucket for our government spending. Let’s build the wall so we will have money now being given to illegal immigrants. Then we will have more money to help our own.

    2. You are highly misinformed, Kenneth. I live in a border state. In the last nine days three groups, totalling over 600 illegals, were caught in the southern part of the state in the wee hours of the morning. The largest percentage were young, single males. You who don’t live in border have no clue how bad the problem is. Drmocrats want to wellcome all of them in because they need their votes in 2020.

      1. I lived 10+ yrs. in Texas! Been to Mexico many times! Mexico is getting Soros/Styer$$ Bux to let them pass! Mexico is a Modern Paradise compared to where the Caravan came from! Mexico offered them Asylum, they flatly refused! No Welfare State in Mexico!


  1. To President Trump,
    The national government should create a Wall Bond program and issue it for a three week period to the citizens of our country. Don’t wait for Congress to come out of their stall. Push forward to raise the funds through a bond program. In 1943 the U.S. Treasury issued War Bonds and raised $19 billion in three weeks. We should be able to raise $6 billion in three weeks, don’t you think? John


  3. Capitol Hill is closed for the weekend. Congress and Senate left Thursday for home (shirkers). No compromise in sight from Speaker Pelosi nor Schumer.
    Yet the crisis on the border remains and is going to get worse quickly.
    Government still in partial shutdown mode.
    Time to act.
    Mr. President, take the lead, declare a state of National Emergency to proceed on the border crisis. Tell Congress Monday to open up the government.

    1. I agree! Mr. President, please declare a State of National Emergency! There’s no other way we’ll be safe! I live in south Texas and my family and I have seen many “Illegals” who have “slipped” through the borders! I have a daughter who lives in the panhandle of Oklahoma, who sees “Illegals”, every day! They have certain paths they travel in order to not be detected!
      Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are never going to change their minds and agree with you that we are in danger! So, please declare a State of National Emergency!

  4. Illegals are all over the border not to mention the cartel drug dealers and criminals coming across. Hav you ever thought Issis has been known to be in Mexico. The American citizens that live in a border state are in danger every day. CNN has no idea what going on . Sure CNN there was no no sign of unres where you were standing because you were standing next to a wall why were you standing where there was no wall. Politicians wake up and care about America

  5. I have a solution. there are over 500+ Representative in the house subtract the ones trying to help President Trump, have the remaining Reps get a surprise because of their stand on the wall, Let the number of Illegal Immigrants match the number of reps who think the wall is a bad idea, escort them to processing, Give them a one way ticket to Washington plus the address of one of the Reps. give them a cash voucher for a taxi to the address, knock at the door of the house of a rep, and have them live their forever or until the Reps decide it is a good and wonderful idea for the wall. An added touch to the above, with Nancy Peloisi’s home, instead just an immigrant family, have three families move in with her. Within a few months, the Reps would be begging to get the wall built.

    1. I don’t know where this guy is but my clock reads 2:35pm on January 11th His comments are all made up We should add more border patrol agents instead of building a wall so anybody can climb or dig under the wall

      1. I agree with this. Instead of building a wall that we cannot afford at this time we can put more military there at a lowest amount. I feel bad for those who live in border states but they can put more security at their places if needed. We all need to think about these families who are working without being paid.

        Perhaps another suggestion: since they have borrowed money from social security how about borrowing from the senate and house of representatives retirement plans! Also since they are government employees they shouldn’t be getting paid either. They might think a little harder about settling this. If course most of them are so financially secure it isn’t going to effect them like the government employees who are going without pay now. THIS HAS TO END SO GET OFF YOUR BRAIN AND GET IT DONE!! Barbara

      2. If Americans were Invading Mexico, The Beaners would KILL ALL of us that they could! No questions asked, or prisoners taken! Just Buzzard Bait left!

    2. “Fantastic”!!!!!!! I agree with you whole heartedly! The only other thing I would change would be to make our dear “Nancy Peloski” move her residence to directly outside of the Border to where any and all illegal immigrants want to come over, they would first have to enter her home, require that she provide them with plenty of food, water, bathing (for their entire family), and then also provide each with enough $$$$$ to get them by until she can put in for them to receive monthly benefits – (paid for through her own private banking)!!!!!!

  6. Funny, Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her house, but maybe ,that’s to keep her in, not the evil ones out! This is nothing more than Democrat Grandstanding, Against one person only, President Donald Trump.!Democrats are willing to gamble with all of the American Lives and put them at risk in order to try and destroy Trump.Now this we can apply the word , “manufactured” too. Wake up America, don’t be a scapegoat for Schumer or Pelosi. This “scenario” has been Manufactured from day one!

  7. we just moved from AZ. To TX. For work traveled the southern border all 4 states next to Mexico. First their is no Invasion, the walls that are up are doing there job. All Trump wants is what he campaign for is for ego a con job and BS

    1. Your wrong you traveled the highway try the desert. And they dont run down the road in daylight try nightime you must be another Dumbocrap.

  8. All the politicians who don’t want the wall also don’t want these people in their neighborhoods. They have walls around their homes and armed security. The do not care about the safety of common everyday normal Americans. The ones that came here legally don’t want the Invaders in either.

  9. Sarcastic jerk! Don’t you realize that this president is “killing” OUR country—NOT HIS!!! He stated during rallies that Mexico would pay for it n right after that, the Mexico president announced that his government DID NOT SAY they would finance the wall. See n listen to trump saying at a college graduation “If you see a wall, climb over it or go around it; just be sure to get to the other side”. Now he WANTS a wall at OUR expense!!!’

    1. 2 possibly 3 Caravans are forming right now. What are the Dems waiting for…maybe till they overcome the border guards? This is all about Trump. Pelosi is the boss. She punished all her people in Congress who wanted to vote her out of the Speaker. Replaced some with little seniority on important jobs. She bribed them. I am afraid she is not going to be able to keep them under control.

  10. If the demoncrates had a president in office then the would be for the wall. There problem is the hate Trump because he is doing some great things and they don’t like it and want to stop him at ANY cost. They don’t care about the nation just their own selves!

  11. Typical Trump – the budget had already been agreed by both houses but originally did not include money for his wall. Only when the likes of Faux News and his ‘base’ started complaining, did he backtrack and try to get it added. His loss of the House of Representatives means he is now trying to do what Bush Junior did and try to consolidate more power in the presidency to get around the opinions of Congress; he wants the government shutdown to last as long as possible to give him an excuse to use “Emergency Powers” to get his wall funded. Using government employees as pawns in his political maneuvering is a disgrace – he and his cronies don’t care about not being paid; they are all immune from economic realities. We thought Bush Junior was the worst president ever and things couldn’t get worse – well Trump keeps proving us wrong. Roll on 2020 and ejecting him from office. Hopefully he doesn’t do too much damage in the meantime…

  12. I have a better solution. Have the POS POTUS support a meaningful immigration program that respects the plight people in other countries. A wall is a band aid without addressing the systemic problems. But he had 2 years to do this while controlling all of congress and he didn’t try. Can someone answer why that is??

  13. Act like adults and not wining babies, grow up and save is country. If there is one of you who was not born an American Indian then shut your mouth.

  14. The current maximum number of representatives is 435. Add 100 senators to that for a total congress size of 535 members. That aside, I get the impression that President Trump is willing to compromise on the $5.7 billion, but Pelosi is not willing to even talk about the wall, other than to not have it, because she is morally against it.

  15. You go Donald! There is already a nasty looking fence on the abundance of the border. I see no reason whatsoever in replacing it with an upgrade. Tell Pelosi to find a rocking chair for her 80 year old ass, and just tell that imbecile, Shumer to join her!
    These people just want the votes these illegals will bring them when George Soros buys them transportation to the polls as he has from Guatemala to the border.

  16. You go Robert!!! that is one of the best remedies that I have heard to date!! Actually Nancy, girl could afford to take many more than this due to the fact that she has multiple domiciles!!! And I suspect that several of the others are so endowed, as well…These Dam ‘o’ rats are disgusting in their disrespect of the U.S and it’s legal residents…. The rest of us do not have villas and homes in other countries to go to when things get ugly here… which they will if these anti-Americans have their way!!! California is bad enough without “OPEN BORDERS” I don’t even want to experience it “WITH OPEN BORDERS” ……thanx….. rich

  17. Let’s quit pussyfooting around. Declare the emergency and let’s get the Corps of Engineers to start building the wall

  18. Have every one of those who are against the wall don a Border Patrol Agent uniform and work the border for one week with NONE OF THEIR STAFF. Especially Nancy and Chuck and a few others in congress. They would have a big eye awakening.

  19. These Invaders demand we speak Spanish and follow their cultural traditions! FOOK THEM!! BTW I speak read and write Spanish!

  20. That is wonderful idea Robert. I think everyone that works for the government including Democrats and Republicans that don’t want the wall should have to be responsible for there own illegals until they become citizens. Thanks for the idea .

  21. Congress has already wasted over six billion dollars because they are not doing their job. The congress is the reason people are out of work not being paid. Congress can pass bills anytime they want with or without the President. Maybe they ought to learn how a bill becomes law or get out of the job.

  22. It is sad that so many talked political rhetoric at time it benefit them or made them politicslly correct. It is wrong that CNN, CBS ,…etc can’t be trusted. It doesn’t take much, To discern that the so called major news are really doing the people of our nation wrong. So quick to speak, slow to listen, and filled with anger, prejudice, prejudging, bias, anti America,…shame on Bernie sander rude comments about president, that’s what he is breeding and thos like him.

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