Trump Skillfully SHAMES Democrats

President Trump is reminding Democrats of what it means to fulfill your duty and honor your obligations.

Trump just commemorated the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel as it reaches its one-year anniversary.

But that wasn’t all. Trump also used it as a “reminder” of the promises the U.S. has made and how Trump intends to honor them. 

This comes as many Democrats have been called out for making decidedly anti-Semitic comments.

The most recent example being Rep. Rashida Tlaib sharing that she felt a “calming feeling” when thinking about the Holocaust. 

Trump has been more direct in the past, openly calling out the comments of those like Tlaib. However that usually has Democrats rallying to say that Trump is “inciting hate” against whichever Democrat happens to be in question that day. Meanwhile they remain silent while disgusting and racist comments are passed out on what is becoming a weekly basis. 

While Trump’s latest message may not get Democrats to see the error of their ways, it still makes a point without calling anyone out directly. 

  1. They need to be called out for allowing a member of Congress to say what she did, and defend her like it was taken out of context, which it wasn’t! This Congresswoman needs to be impeached out of Congress.

  2. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party just proves how Racist the Democrats are. They use Racism to instill hate and violence against anyone who disagrees with them. They never cared about minorities, they only want to use them to get their vote for power. Race, Creed and Color are used by Progressives to gain power and position. Every creed, race and people of color will use anyone even their own to achieve power and money for themselves. The progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party call their opponents what they themselves are.

  3. Hummm. I told the demos to stop bickering and set back and let the wind blow thru their hair. Just stop what you democrats are doing and go into silent mode. Just hover around and don’t say a dame thing. That is the best weapon in any war. SILENCE. Its a disturbing dimension. It works on the mind. Confusion. Second thoughts. Silence prevents sound judgement, a checksum, a “do you agree” type of exchanging thoughts and ideas. Silence.. .


  5. the swamp is very close to being obliterated for at least a few years. remember what one of our founding fathers stated, “you have a Republic, if you can keep it” are Americans willing to fight to keep our REPUBLIC, and loose the democracy established by the crooked lawyers of this Country?

  6. It’s starting to sink in that 74 to 83%
    Of the citizens of the United States
    Are just really tired of hearing off the wall
    things the democrats are saying.
    REALLY,……..somebody is going to jail
    and they want to prolong this as long as they can
    SO…….isn’t that want criminals do?
    The border is a crime wave just about to start, and the democrats are the blam. GET READY !!!!

  7. Go after Obama and Hillary. Hillary said that if she went down half of Washington DC would go with her. Let’s see if she is right!

  8. The direction, the democrat party has gone and been falsely directed from young, naive imbeciles Iike AOC, is disgusting and not even remotely sustainable! Their own competition amongst the candidates is, who can say the most ridiculous and outrageous thing to get the media’s attention. It’s all about anything, that is the opposite of normal and what Trump is accomplishing! Please, you normal, moderate democrats need to wake up and reject this disgusting direction and insanity of the current candidate’s platforms! Another 4 years with Trump will clean up the garbage in DC and reestablish a sound, healthy USA once again. Let’s maintain the positive growth we’ve made the past 2 1/2 years and make America even better and stronger. Without a strong dominating America, there can be no world peace!

  9. What I have noticed lately are the only ones voting or supporting democrates are those who want everything for nothing! They forget somebody has to pay for what others get for nothing.And everyday hard working Americans are getting stuck with the bill for illegals, who get more then most hard working Americans, and those who want everything for nothing!!!!!

  10. The Democratic Party was lost years ago. Nancy Pelosi has been there the entire time. She let it happen. Her and Schumer have let the party go Socialistic/Islamic anti-Israeli, pro abortion, LGBTQRSTUV, trophy giving weak parents. There is no Democratic Party anymore.

  11. I can’t disagree with any of these comments. unfortunately the majority only get to voice our opinion once every two years. at a minimum we need to vote them out. My hope is attorney general Barr can at least put a dent in this crap. I still have ex friends that think I am wrong no matter what positive points I make for Pres Trump. does anyone else find it amusing that privacy and abortion are being called constitutional right? I red it and its not in there. I also find it ridiculous that abortion is called women’s health and planned parenthood, its completely the opposite. it is an inconvenience and monetary issue for those that sex again for money with out protection. law suits really slowed down smoking. yet killing unborn children because they would be a burden is ok. driving and drinking put you in jail whether you did damage or hurt or killed someone or you were just driving along legally. but killing a baby is no big deal even if it has been delivered? where do these people come from?

  12. If control of education is not taken back, with the real history of the US being taught along with the personal responsibility of the individual, things will not change. They have brainwashed the last 2-3 generations to believe their socialist justice crap. Look at how all the young CEO’s of these high tech companies block conservative views, it’s what they were taught and it stiffels competition. All against the very system which made them successful!!!

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