Trump Sends CHILLING Message To Illegal Immigration

Could this finally be the end of illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration costs Americans more than $300 billion a year, President Donald Trump tweeted.

The tweet comes as a growing number of Democrat legislators step up demands for taxpayers to provide more healthcare to illegal migrants.

The slam comes after Trump knocked the Democrats’ 2020 candidates in June for promising to provide illegals with Americans’ healthcare.

  1. They were all over Trump when the crowds were calling for “Lock her up!”
    Cannot wait for the “Throw them OUT!” at the next rally.
    It will be glorious.

  2. Hard to understand how deaf, blind, demonic Americans choose demonic, greedy illegals who all just want free everything. Oh, I get it?

  3. Democrats don’t care one bit about tax paying Americans. They bend over backwards to give illegals everything and anything and rob Americans for every kind of tax and fees. Many American citizens are sleeping in the streets, including veterans that has fought for our country while democrats find money for every government handout for illegals that has never paid a cent in taxes and never has or never would fight for our country. Democrats hate and despise Americans but love and adore illegal filth and scum like them.

  4. Yes, I would, and do agree if I’m not was a worth while comment. I’ve been constantly deleted, but not sure why I am and others aren’t. Let’s see if it’s ok to agree with your comment!!!

  5. My wife hasn’t had insurance for years. She has been fortunate not to get sick. I signed her up with an insurance company and sine she was not signed up during open enrollment she has to pay a penalty for a long time. Also a form was sent out and was misplaced in the house. I have been sick and was not able to take care of such matters. Since the form asked her what prescriptions she has had and she didn’t answer with the lost form she will have to pay a penalty. She hasn’t been sick so she has had no prescriptions
    How about us tax payers getting a break and not penalizing people when the question comes up should illegals have free insurance without penalties

  6. Wake-up America! DEMOCRATS are only supporting illegal immigrants for free everything just to get their DAMN VOTES. MY GOD,,American Taxpayers ARE GETTING SCREWED (DAILY)by theses low life democrats that give two craps about US! If we don’t vote theses losers out in 2020 THEN SHAME ON US! We deserve better and we will only be respected again by voting FOR PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP ,,,VOTE EVERY REPUBLICAN INTO OFFICE. CHANGE BLUE STATES TO RED! Together we will save our country and stop theses LY’in damn democrats!

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