Trump Property Focus Of Legal Fight

President Donald Trump’s legal team is once again in court to defend against allegations that Trump is in violation of the constitutional clause that dictates elected officials can’t do business with foreign governments. 

The case accuses Trump of benefitting from foreign dignitaries by encouraging their patronage at the Trump International Hotel, which is conveniently located blocks away from the White House.

Karl Racine, Washington D.C.’s attorney general and one of those responsible for pushing the lawsuit claims, “We’re very confident that we can prove that the President of the United States, a major owner of the Trump Hotel, is in fact receiving moneys from foreign countries who are quite motivated to show the president favor.”

“No Americans should ever have to question whether a decision, a priority, or a policy approach that the President is taking has been influenced by his receipt of foreign money that goes right into his pocket,” Racine added. “That’s why we’re bringing this lawsuit.”

Meanwhile Eric Trump, who is an executive vice president for the Trump Organization, declared that the organization has actively worked to dissuade such offers. 

“Unlike any other luxury hospitality company, we do not market to or solicit foreign government business,” Eric offered. “In fact, we go to great lengths to discourage foreign government patronage at our properties.”

Attorney’s have stated that foreign dignitaries “prefer the Trump brand” as reasoning for the hotels continued success. 

A appellate judge in Richmond, Virginia will have the final say on the matter.

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