Trump Prepared To “OBLITERATE” Iran

President Trump isn’t playing anymore games…

President Donald Trump does not want war with Iran, but if there has to be one it will not be like Iraq or any war in recent memory.

The president said in an interview with NBC News on Friday that the war he would wage would be one designed to obliterate Iran.

The interview came a day after the president first approved, and then rescinded, and order to strike Iran in retaliation for its attack on an American spy aircraft.

Iran shot down the aircraft over international waters, which Iran denies, an act of war by any standard of common sense.

But President Trump decided not to attack when he discovered that the attack could cost as many as many as 150 Iranian lives.

He deemed that the punishment was not commiserate with the shooting of an unmanned drone that cost no lives.

“I’m not looking for war,” the president said on Friday in an interview with NBC News on what he could decide to do on Iran.

“And if there is, it will be obliteration like you’ve never seen before. But I’m not looking to do that. But you cannot have a nuclear weapon.

“You want to talk — good. Otherwise you’re going to have a bad economy for the next three years,” the president said.

The United States military could eliminate the entire Iranian Navy within two days, a study conducted by The Pentagon found.

But that could cause any number of responses by the Iranian regime, bent on maintaining its hold on the nation and its citizens.

“Very quickly we could end with miscalculation as both sides fear offensive action by the other or tit for tat that escalates into a much more significant conflict,” Ilan Goldenberg, the director of Middle East Security Program at the Center for New American Security said on Twitter.

“If the US wants to consider force it would be much wiser to do something quiet and deniable (I.e. covert) and then send the Iranians a private message that it was the US  & Iran needs to knock it off or face something worse,” he said.

“This would not embarrass the Iranians forcing them to respond publicly. But it would send a message that Iran is in danger of getting into a direct conflict with the US – something it will want to avoid,” he said.

“Israel has operated this way in the past (see Syria) and so has the US. it trended to work while avoiding war,” he said.

  1. On TV, our politicians say we don’t want a war. In private: “We’re sick of you Iranian c-suckers’s “s” and just give us a reason and we’ll send you back to the Dark Ages.”

  2. As much as I would love to say just turn the place into a parking lot. That would be an empty statement from an armchair General one who is sitting in front of his monitor and tapping away on the keyboard, with no viable plan of how to accomplish such an act without the use of nukes. Nukes are the very thing everyone does not want Iran to have and to use them against Iran would lead to a counter productive outcome. Causing the loss of the trust from nearly every ally resulting also in turning the rest of the world against us
    Any unilateral action which escalated into a boots on the ground situation will also set the stage for the same outcome.
    A covert operation carried out by a 3rd party would as well appear as if the USA were conducting an Al Qaeda type insurgency
    Waiting for a change to come from within could result in much the same thing that happened in 1979 when the current government came to power . There is no way to be sure the replacement will be any better.
    Economic sanctions can only work if there is full cooperation from the rest of the world.
    In short the only positive outcome that I can visualize must begin with a horrific act on the part of Iran. Should Iran openly attack a country like Saudi Arabia or one of the countries on the peninsula or attempt to completely close off the trade through the Persian gulf creating world outrage then the USA could step up and wipe them from the face of the Earth with our best and most advanced conventional weaponry,and it could even be done unilaterally if need be.
    In the mean time we are pretty much stuck playing offense. Which means no one ever wins as Offense alone has never won anything.

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