Trump Jr. EXPOSES Adam Schiff For What He Really Is

There is no running away from the truth anymore…

During an interview on “Hannity” by Fox News Channel, first son Donald Trump, Jr. blamed Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for his handling of the early phases of impeachment inquiry into his father, President Donald Trump.

Trump said he would have ended up in prison for perjury if he had “lied” as Schiff had.

“If I lied, even a little bit in front of those guys like Adam Schiff has lied to the American people, and in front of Congress the other day, they’d throw me in jail for perjury,” he said. “He’s done it over and over. He’s probably the person that magically leaked my emails and edited them, which was the big CNN bombshell which made it seem like I got the WikiLeaks stuff a week before as opposed to a week after.”

He went on to categorize the California Democrat as “Jussie Smollett of Congress on steroids,” referring to the disgraced “Empire” actor.

“I was in there for about nine hours, and magically when I got done at about 7:30 in the night, I go look at my Twitter feed to catch up on the news of the day,” the younger Trump said, “And starting at about the first bathroom break, CNN is live-tweeting essentially the contents of the hearing.”

“Adam Schiff has never been afraid of a microphone,” he added. “He’s never met a camera he didn’t love. And frankly, he’s never met a camera he didn’t lie to. Adam Schiff is basically the Jussie Smollett of Congress on steroids.”

  1. Schiffty is a limp wristed Bug-eyed congressman wanna be. He should be sued for slander and, prosecuted for TREASON. End of story.

    1. Peckerhead Adam Schitt !Bug eyed , makes you wonder what is stuck up his dirt shoot to make his eyes bug like that. Nothin he like better tha having his pencil neck on camera. I hope they nail his behind to hte wall, tht lying scumbg.

    1. All Democraps have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where their brains belong and Schiff is the worst of them. They know they have NOTHING but love to waste tax dollars on their IGNORANCE.

  2. I don’t understand how Schiff was able to on a real hearing do what he did when he was acting like he was reading the transcript of President Trump’s phone call. I don’t understand why Trump has not shut CNN & MSNBC down and put these people in jail. It has happened at least 4 times where other Presidents have done exactly that. I know the left would scream if they were to arrest these criminals and sat that he was prosecuting his political opponents. I don’t care. They are criminals and need to be arrested. If they were arrested and the left wanted to act crazy then we would just have to show them what crazy really looks like. I can’t wait until BARR & DURHAM gets indictments against these people. It will be a great day for America. It’s time to get rid of them anyway so I hope they do start something so we can go ahead and clean house.

    1. Contrary to the liberal speaking points, President Trump is not taking away Americans’ right of free speech. Say something the left doesn’t like though, and you’ll be censored, bullied, and called hateful names.

  3. It is the liberal Democrats who lie constantly. It is also those Democrats who want to take our freedom of speech away. Every time we don’t agree with them, they scream “racist.” Those who constantly use the race card address the real racists. Adam Schiff is a poor excuse for a human being. He lies constantly and makes a fool of himself everyday. He is an embarrassment to the American citizens. He should be removed from our government for treason. He lied to Congress and to the American citizens.

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