Trump: ‘I couldn’t care less’

President Donald Trump on Saturday said he would be willing to release the details of his private conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last summer.

“I would. I don’t care,” Trump told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro in a phone interview. “I’m not keeping anything under wraps. I couldn’t care less.”

The president’s remarks came hours after a report by The Washington Post stating that Trump “has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details” of his talks with Putin. The Post also reported that there is no detailed record of Trump’s interactions with Putin at five locations over the past two years, according to U.S. officials.

The president referred to his roughly two-hour meeting with Putin in Helsinki — at which only the leaders and their translators were present — as “a great conversation” that included discussions about “securing Israel and lots of other things.”

“I had a conversation like every president does,” Trump said Saturday. “You sit with the president of various countries. I do it with all countries.”

    DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS need to SHUT UP and FUND the WALL and get off this SIRAID ! And get back to

  2. It’s a good thing one of those international leaders weren’t dealing with flatulence otherwise that would the headline hype being introduced and hyped by our media moguls rather than anything constructive regarding progress made in the Middle East, etc..

  3. If this boy could care less and would release the content of his conversation with Russia’s “President”, why was it done without his advisors and why did he demand his translator to keep his mouth shut? And 5 secret meetings with the enemy over a two year period? I have to stop for now I can feel my heart in my forehead😫

  4. Keep up the good work Mr. Trump.
    The ultra left Jeff Bezos is using his Fake News Washington Post to lie and smear you daily . Informed people laugh at his feeble attempts to destroy you. Nobody I know trusts the major media.
    I watch and listen to them for comedic relief. They all read from the same script. I can’t determine if they are an operating division of the DNC or…….the DNC is a division of the mainstream media.
    Robert Mueller should investigate them for colluding with each other.

  5. Why doesn’t the WaPoop investigate all the deals that Oblammer and Killary made with Putin while Oblammer was in office?? There was a lot more “conspiracy crap” going on with those two TRAITORS and Putin than anything that President Trump has done. The MSM’s HATRED of our President has gone way off the charts, and they need to be reined in; their POISON is infecting those with weak minds, alias the DemonRats.

  6. russell: The godless democrats (remember when that party removed GOD from their platform during the last presidential caucus) will find ANYTHING The Donald does opposite as to what they want even if they wanted it before HE wanted it. (quote from someone; I was aginst it before I was for it, now I am against/ for it.

  7. I love our President and his family and pray for them daily. America had better wake up to the outstanding leadership we have right now before we lose it. If Trump is not succeeded by a person with his ideals, America will become a socialist or communist nation and fall right in with the New World Order. God forbid! America needs to repent and forsake all ungodliness before it is too late.

  8. It is with deep & honorable respect that we pray for our POTUS to keep the faith & strength to endure the hypocrisy of the liberals/socialist that are bent on destroying the core value of our nation. God will prevail. Trump was chosen to crack the mold of contempt against our country with all its hatred & contempt & misguided direction of where our country has fallen. We were in the pits of doom for 8 long years before him. Now it is time to restore our country, get back on our feet & serve ‘we the people’ !!!!!!

  9. Pence is going down with the Obamas, the Clintons, McCain, GHW Bush, GA Bush, Biden, for crimes against the nation. Guilty oftreason, violations of RICO Act, Human trafficing, abuse, murder.

    Hide and watch boys. McCain was EXECUTED answer so was GHW Bush. It has begun and will continue until Trump cleans the criminals all out.

    Know your enemy!

  10. President Trump keep doing what you do. The country is so much better since you took office. I can’t wait to vote for you again in 2020.

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