Trump Hits Back From Japan

Even though President Donald Trump is far and away visiting in Japan, he still has time to set the record straight on multiple issues. 

Trump took to Twitter to address matters while in between rounds of golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He began by addressing John Bolton’s fear of North Korean missiles, saying that the “small weapons” did not bother him and furthermore expressed his confidence that Kim Jong Un would “keep his promise” to not launch any missiles. 

Trump then shared how amused he was with Kim’s statements of former Vice President Joe Biden being a “low IQ inidividual.”

  1. Now if Trump can get the Chinese leader to slam Biden, that would be a real slam. Too bad he does come out and tell the world how they bribed Biden’s son and Biden also.

  2. Sounds like the Japanese Prime Minister has Biden pegged. Wonder how he feels about the low life Obama?

  3. Amazing, you had Obama, who Bowed to the thugs of the world, had super majorities in both house, could have passed any bill he wanted in his first two years in office but passed the health bill but still had to bribe two of his SenTors in order to pass the bill that never did what Obama said it would do. Yet the Obama media said nothing and made up positive stories and lied to the citizens. Then Trimp gets in promises many good things and kept his promises with out a DemocRAT vote on any legislation.

  4. Actually; these liberals socialists/democrats make it waaaay too easy to diss them. From their parroting the fake news media; which like to fabricat stories, to making absurd comments about weather events which have been happening since the beginning of time! Here’s a clue AOC: I’m sure the dinosaurs went extinct because they caused their climate to change. We all know what eating greens does for the atmosphere; GAS!!!

  5. Uncle Joe, who makes sheep run when he appears, that uncle Joe, who sheep fear? What a laugh, the feel your way though the women popuation? Still laughing, what vote?

  6. Hey Donald! Rest up before commenting. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than put a foot in your mouth. Old friend, Ben Novick

    1. Hi Ben,
      While I must admit I sometimes cringe when I read some of The Presidents tweets. THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THEM. He simply pointed out his feelings on some others concerns about the short range missile tests recently by NK.
      He also agreed with Kim’s reply to Biden’s earlier insult. If you can’t take the heat…

  7. Don’t be to concerned Ben with Trumps firing off all the time since it’s been working out quite well, after all he’s getting things right for America despite the constant resistance from the left.

  8. Haven’t piglosi AND Feinstein publicized the demonRat game plan of circular fake news? I.e. state a falsehood publicly, have a controlled news source print the false statement then quote the controlled news source as ‘factual support’ of the original falsehood? That stupidity has been rampant for years, and openly touted since 2016 elections.

    1. Hey Doug,
      I fear you may be projecting a bit. What was false or misleading in the Presidents tweet. His reality may be alarming to leftist such as you. However, the economy is stronger since 2016. We are not at war in Syria. Lower income have rose more than upper. He got a new NAFTA deal(if your leftist comrades will get off their butts and ratify it). He is trying to get out of a decades long war in Afghanistan.
      I don’t know about you. But I like his reality!!!!

  9. Good ole joe, known world wide as a
    Lesser on the knowledge spectrum,
    and a good grabbing man.
    Yes,! He has votes, also from the lower
    IQ ratings. You must have a low IQ, or
    A mental delusion, to get votes from
    the uneducated part of the country.
    Orange jumpsuits, new clothing line
    in prisons near you.

  10. Joe is the same guy that would lie to his grandmother and continues to lie to Americans. Calls himself middle class Joe, Why? During his 8 year tenure with Osama middle class income stagnated and actually took massive cuts with tax increases and cost of living. How about the massive job loss under his tenure; coal industry just dessimated in parts of the country, production jobs lost that would never return without a golden wand, and the auto industry. and where are all those shovel ready jobs we were promised? middle class Joe…middle class beware.

  11. President Trump revealed his taxes finally no skeletons there. But touchy feely Joe Biden does have some legal skeletons in his closet. And I hope President Trump didnt put ketchup on the kolby beef he had.

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