Trump Gives FAILED Governor A Break

President Trump is too kind.

Recently on “Fox News @ Night,” President Trump admitted that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) nursing home policy “was a sad mistake,” but Cuomo has “worked very hard.”

According to Breitbart, Trump stated, “We gave them a tremendous facility that they really didn’t use. We built a hospital with 2,800 beds. They could have used that. That was clean, 100% clean, and unfortunately, they made — and it was a mistake, and it was a sad mistake, but he’s worked very hard. I mean, in all fairness to Gov. Cuomo, he’s worked very hard. We’ve gotten along very well. I think, overall, he’s actually said we’ve done an outstanding job.”

Adding, “So, we moved the ship in. We had a lot of room there. It wasn’t utilized like it could have been, and we had the Javits convention center, where we had 2,800 beds built, and that wasn’t used or certainly, not very much. It would’ve been great, in retrospect, if they would have used that for some of these patients, moving infected people back in certainly was not the answer.”

You can watch a clip of Trump’s comments here.

Image credit: CBS News

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  1. President Trump, WHY are you giving this idiot a break? He sure didn’t give you one. After killing so many elderly in the nursing homes, the only break he deserves is his neck. He’s a reckless, lying fool, and he sure doesn’t deserve any breaks. I’ll bet the people of New York that lost loved ones because of his stupidity aren’t giving him a break. ,

  2. Cuomo is incompetence, clueless and hates is own constituents! Because if he liked them he would have sent in the Bational guard into NYC to stop the destruction ofNYC and the murder by DeBlasio of his constituents!

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