Trump Gets Into SHOUTING Match With Reporter

How can he talk to the president like this?

During a recent Coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump go into a shouting match with Playboy reporter Brian Karem after he refused to stop asking a question when he was called on.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!” Trump said pointing at Brian Karem who refused to quiet down.

“I told them when they put this guy here, it’s nothing but trouble he’s a showboat,” Trump stated. “If you keep talking, I’ll leave and you can have it out with the rest of these people…Just a loudmouth.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: Mother Jones

  1. Playboy’s Brian Karem interrupted the President
    and tried to disrupt. Classic Marxism is defined by shouting nonsense and then pretending to be hurt.
    How a filthy publication like “Playboy” can be included
    in a “Presidential News Conference” is a farse to begin with. But, it’s a reflection of the degenerates that control the Democratic Party.

  2. I guarantee you if this were Obama up there in the sky was shouting he would’ve been marked out of there immediately by the Secret Service, however you can see all these agencies are corrupt because they’re not doing your job for a duly elected president it is not owned and operated by the one world order money!

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