Trump Deals EXPENSIVE Blow To Illegals

They are going to have to pay up one way or another…

People still don’t understand.

President Trump is not playing around when it comes to illegal immigration, nor should he.

America is, without question, suffering a crisis of monumental proportions. It’s too bad the uninformed continue to remain ignorant on this major issue, but that would be due to the far-left media.

The Trump administration is now preparing to hand out large fines to illegals.

Here’s the deal, via Daily Wire:

The Trump administration has started notifying illegal aliens that they are going to be subjected to massive fines — up to nearly $500,000 — for failing to leave the United States after being ordered to do so.

“The Department of Homeland Security sent out a batch of notices across the country to targeted individuals ordering them to pay fines of up to nearly $500,000 for ‘failing to depart the U.S. as previously agreed,’ among other factors,” NPR reported. “The letters come as the Trump administration prepares to carry out delayed immigration sweeps of migrant families who have received deportation orders. President Trump said Monday, while signing legislation providing $4.6 billion in funding to address the influx of migrants from Central America, that the immigration raids will begin after the July 4 holiday if Congress can’t pass new restrictions on asylum laws.”

NPR obtained a notice that was sent by a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer to an illegal alien notifying them that “It is the intention of ICE to order you pay a fine in the amount of $497,777.”

Src: Flag & Cross

  1. All I can say is good they need to leave or pay for the cost that the tax payers have been burdened with for them being here illegally, enough is enough.

    1. Your right! Go to Mexico or a South American country and see what you get if you tried milking their system!

    2. And the Democrats still dither on passing meaningful laws on immigration. They should be subjected to the same fines the illegals are. They, the Democrats, are condoning this illegal behavior.
      Don’t vote Democrat unless you like the way the treat and trash the U.S.

    3. Great! Someone needs to pay the United States for their drain on our welfare system! Our welfare system was set up for American citizens and was not meant to be a way of life! These illegals need to be penalized for sneaking into our country and not showing up for their hearings! What they really need to do is leave and then apply to come here legally! Is it too much to ask that they follow the rules of this country?

  2. As long as their location is known sending notices sounds like a good idea. I trust the ICE raids are still in the plan to get rid of these illegal alien criminals. When the empty headed buffoon Castro tried to justify illegals by saying how much the are taxed, he overlooked that the parasites suck many times that amount out of our economy. We must send them packing.

    1. You are correct. They did a report about five years ago about this issue and in Florida alone, It amounted to a scale of one dollar they put in for every five they took out plus the cost of driving up insurance rates because they use hospitals and not pay the bill for their care, cost of educating, welfare and use of phony Social Security Numbers which was not part of the report.

  3. The concept is good, but it just is not going to happen no matter how steep the penalty fees President Trump imposes. If any of them had even close to 500K in their pockets, they would have never crossed our southern borders. They are dirt poor and desperate to find relief no matter who has to pay for it. The sent out letters will go unanswered and the intended recipients will just go deeper underground
    ID them and then load them all on buses and drop them off at the border. If they do return, it is immediate jail time” Mexican Style”, where other then incarceration, there are no other provisions.

    1. I agree with you. Also, the democrats will fight this in court and do whatever they can to stop it.

  4. I hope and pray that this actually works and the illegals voluntarily leave this Country before they are caught and deported!

  5. As the famous saying goes , you can’t get blood from a turnip!
    I like the fact that Trump is trying but illegals have proven they don’t respect our laws . They have known for years that we don’t enforce our laws.

  6. One method would be to tax or confiscate any money orders sent to persons in another country. Many illegals are sending these funds to persons in their home country.

    1. IF the American currency were GOLD, do you think we would allow illegals to send it back to the “triangle countries”, to their relatives and those to whom they owe money for bringing them to The U.S.? And this is the same, only without the gold. Yes, we may owe help to our “neighbor” as Jesus taught us. But some of these illegals are handing out scorpions when we ask for an egg. They are not here to assimilate and BUILD The U.S. They are here to CHANGE The Constitution — do you think they will vote Conservative or Socialist? No, THIS is what we agreed to when we ELECTED President Donald J. Trump! It’s time the “Shining City on The Hill” have her streets swept of trash, her buildings pressure washed and her Council RENEWED with honesty, morality and VALOR! God Bless America! God SUSTAIN President Trump! K.A.G!

  7. Now this sounds like an excellent way to pay for the WALL on the southern Border!!! THat way all the illegals would build the wall !!!

  8. How about taking away all of their benefits that our government the money is giving them under our welfare system, every taxpaying penny of which is illegal as hell???? Over a year ago the amount was $190billion and today it has to be well over $200 billion so it is time to stop the hand outs!!! How about using the tax paying money instead with the homeless, who are legal Americans ????? By the way why does all of these criminal Democrat Party official who run these sanctuary areas find tax money for illegal aliens but can’t find it for the homeless??? It is time to dump the whole criminal Democrat Party Mob in the 2020 election and get rid of the problem completely?????????

  9. Fine a person in this country illegally — WTF — this will work just as well as we let you into this country but then you must appear in court on this date — whoops — surprise surprise — they didn’t show up and we can’t find them !!!!!!!! CLOSE THE F******* BORDER UNTIL WE RID THIS COUNTRY OF ALL ILLEGALS —PERIOD !!!!!!

  10. Only problem is they have no money, only what Soros gave them get here. Rather he round every man, woman and child of them, and ship their disease ridden, criminal asses back to to whatever “shithole” spawned them.

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