Trump Accused Of TRICKING His Own Supporters

Get a load of this!

Recently on CNN, White House correspondent Jim Acosta claimed that President Trump was attempting to trick his supporters into believing he won the election.

According to Breitbart, Acosta said, “President Trump is still trying to pull a fast one with his supporters, insisting he has won a second term. Mr. Trump said he was 2-0 today when it’s actually one win and one loss. Privately, the president and his team understand he is running out of legal challenges. The question is whether the president will ever acknowledge that himself. As you mentioned, some Republicans in Congress are actually encouraging the president to keep fighting it out, even after the electoral votes are tall lid up next week, teeing up a potential fight in the House of Representatives that is expected to simply drag out what is inevitable.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: TheHill

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  1. Jim Acosta should be fired and not allowed to be a part of any media news. He is a nuisance. He is totally biased. He is rude. He says things like Trump is trying to trick his own supports which is ridiculous. Why are they allowed to not only get it wrong but blatantly lie. Any other business would fire you on the spot.

    1. Democrats have been fooling their voters for years with lies and false promises…the inner city blacks are under assault with black on black shootings and other crimes that are increasing everyday while the democrats defend the police….the old Obama promise of you can keep your doctor and keep your health plan was a lie…now these cities are terrorized by antifa and black lives matter where you agree with us and keep your mouth shut….drugs and crimes have dominated these cities yet the. Democrat run cities never do anything but keep these plantations locked down….the democrats incourage abortion but want nothing to do with school choice….voting for biden will only promise more welfare..increasing unemployment and more food stamps…with more unemployment…increase gas and power bills…

  2. Jim Acosta works for a network that is for sale and NO BUYERS, it is in a sewer of incompetent liar, fake news and a mouth piece for the biggest criminal organization in our history, the DemocRAT Party! AT&T should fire them all and then put it up for ale and there would be lots of buyers! Acosta is a big reason of no buyers!

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