Top Republican Leaves Biden Completely SPEECHLESS

He has no idea what hit him.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Tom Cotton slammed President Joe Biden for blaming former President Trump on the coronavirus.

“I’m pretty sure that Joe Biden will probably try to do that, but let’s remember, Donald Trump and no American was responsible for this pandemic or the recession it unleashed,” Cotton said. “It was the response — it was the culpability of the Chinese Communist Party. And to say there is no plan at all — I mean, look, there’s a reason why there are multiple vaccines now either approved or soon to be approved. That’s because of Operation Warp Speed, that the Trump administration got a viable vaccine to market and distributed in less than a year, something that often takes a decade. And you’re right, just last week, they’re — we were averaging more than 900,000 shots a day.”

“So, we’re already on the glide path to getting to a million shots a day,” he continued. “This is Joe Biden and his administration trying to deflect blame and trying to lower expectations. They were not given a bare cupboard. They were given a miracle of a vaccine in record time and distribution that is increasingly improving every day.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: OpIndia

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  1. Unless Cotton was one of those who stood up and challenged that FARCE Democraps, FAKE Republicans and RINOS call an Election he is just a FAKE Republican.

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