Thousands Go BLIND Due to Gov’t Healthcare

This is a situation where things are definitely not looking good.

The British government is allowing many elderly citizens to go blind in an effort to “ration” the use of cataract surgery. This may seem odd that cataract surgery is considered to be a relatively quick, easy and inexpensive procedure. 

This is what citizens can expect when the government controls the health care. 

The British National Health Service attempted to justify their actions by claiming the decision was made “in the best interests of both individual patients and their wider local populations. The NHS does not have unlimited resources.”

Such a weak, and incomplete answer should serve as a warning to those who would seek to bring the same type of healthcare system to the United States. 

  1. A word to the wise. We do not need government health care in America. We have a private system that provides the health care people are willing to pay for. One of the great issues of OBummer care is requiring policies to cover procedures that at best could be classified as elective and very possibly cosmetic as opposed to necessary. People should be able to buy policies that cover what they need not what some politician thinks should be in their policy.

  2. Agreed and this a simple easy fast surgery! If they are rationing an easy fix then what else is on the list. Medicare for all, single pay or systems will not fix our healthcare issues. In fact when the poor indigent do not receive services now they will sue. Nope no Medicare for all, Medicare now also doesn’t pay for meds, glasses or hearing aids. That’s just the crust of what they don’t cover.

  3. Sounds great in theory, but once it’s implemened and controlled by your irresponsible govt. Then the fraud And rationing begins.

  4. Absolutely, out on doubt talk to the Canadians! They have the same health care or lack of care!

  5. Apparently those who are making such decisions as to cataract surgery either had the surgery before the decision or have never had cataracts. One really is handicapped with even one eye having a cataract. Light becomes a real handicap, the sun can be bothersome; cloudy days one can see better and it does not hurt, cause pain like a sunny day can. Well, the Ignorant who want cheap healthcare, who wants Government control get what they wish for; so now Britton has added the elderly to its list of bad medicine, just as they had as to special needs or critical ill babies and children. What a shame.

  6. Medicine has become totally corrupt for money. I had the cataract operations at the northern California Sutter Not-For-Profit Hospitals in 2015 and in spite of knowing the national average was less than $2000 was sent a bill for $20,000! I was charged $7000 for 20 minutes in an operating room that needed paint and the work was done with a 30 year-old Nikon microscope they no longer make! I sent them a letter with documentation of the national pricing and they folded like a taco in a hurricane, but how many people would go to the trouble to document the price, as did I, and take a rigid position? Damn few. Nonetheless, they are only an example of what is wrong with all of medicine. I will be doing a book on this with the working title, “How To Beat Your Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist and the “ethical drug” makers.” You can survive the white-coated jungle….

  7. Please do not make a mistake, an error all too common. What Bernie and others are advocating is not Socialized Medicine. Medicare for All is socialized medical insurance. Under our existing system, care is now “rationed” in corporate board rooms where loyalty must be given to stock holders. The result is evident as long as our beloved country is about number 40 in terms of life expectancy. If you do not like anything socialized, I assume you do not like “socialized” police and fire services, public school,s, our military services, and many other government services;

  8. Well, a nice wake up for those who think governments are ” we, the people, for the people “! Bureaucracy always was the base of Deep State, since Babylon. What makes you think this time is different?

  9. This is a minor example of the virtues of British Socialism and Socialism in general. I live in Michigan across the border from Socialist Canada. Each type of operation (Heart bypass etc.) is rationed to a fixed number each year. When that quota is reached, a person needing that surgery goes onto a waiting list for next year (or the year fllowing etc.). Many Canadians who can afford it come to America, without insurance, and pay our very high uninsured rates, rather than die on a waiting list to receive their “free” surgery in Canada.

  10. Let us not confuse the British socialized medicine system, with Medicare for All. The latter “socializes” medical insurance, but not medical care itself. As is the case now, in Medicare you still chose your own doctor in private practice, not a government employed physician

  11. In order to cut costs, the old, lame and nonfunctional will have to be killed off or denied care until they die off. Doctors will be forced to run people through like water in a sieve. No real treatment will occur, just a band-aid and a pat on the back, if that. Doctor will be quitting en-mass, schools turning out new doctors will have a rough time enrolling candidates, research into cures, vaccines and new treatments will stop. The UK has been on socialize medicine for some time and is just now taking greater steps to limit care. It would be the same here.

  12. In America this operation costs $2,000, or less. In all of Central America it goes for $200 and in India $40. The UK’s “National Health Service” is yet another example of the worst of Socialism. I had a good friend who was diagnosed with a heart valve problem that is a rather simple procedure, but he had to wait 18 months for it, weakening all the way and died on the operating table. In the US “Doctor Errors” is the second leading cause of death. Call a plumber, you will have a better chance and a much lower bill.

  13. I have worked in the medical field for years. I can’t begin to tell you how many people from countries with national healthcare come to the United States at their own expense for health care. There are waiting lists; if you are in pain or have aggressive cancer, you don’t want to stand in line and wait for months. Also choices are taken away from you and a bureaucrat who never met you will make the choices for your health care. I’ve personally talked to people from Canada, Great Britain, and Finland. Your care will be greatly limited.

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