This Feel Good Story Continues To Sour

While most fairy tales frequently end with everyone living “happily ever after” in real life stories all too often end in less than ideal ways. 

This is the case in the story of Johnny Bobbitt and the couple that conspired with him to defraud thousands of Americans in a fiendishly concocted story of false charity. 

The story goes that Katelyn McClure became stranded on the side of a Philadelphia highway when her vehicle ran out of gas. She was allegedly approached by homeless military veteran Bobbitt, who used his last $20 to buy McClure enough fuel to return home. 

However this isn’t what happened at all as Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Andrew McDonnell revealed it was all a plot “designed to pull at the heartstrings of caring, trusting individuals.”

In actuality McClure and her then-boyfriend Mark D’Amico worked with Bobbitt to concoct the story and create a GoFundMe to profit off the public’s generosity. 

In the beginning the plan worked with over 14,000 donors putting up $400,000 to aide the seemingly good samaritan.

Yet things fell apart when D’Amico and McClure refused to hand the money over to Bobbitt who sued in response. This led to investigators finding out the truth behind the trio.

Now GoFundMe has refunded the donors, while the three conspirators face charges and jail time. 

Today Bobbitt was sentenced to five years on probation. If he violates the terms of the agreement he faces five years in prison instead with no possibility of parole for 18 months. 

McClure has yet to be sentenced and currently D’Amico faces no federal charges. 

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