There’s Something You Need To Know About Masks

Face masks have been treated as a wondrous invention ever since the pandemic began.

But what liberals don’t want you to know is that they don’t actually work as well as you might think.

The science is settled on this and has been for a very long time.  The vast majority of years of scientific research regarding the efficacy of masks, show they do not prevent the spread of any respiratory illnesses. So why do people keep claiming that they do?

A recent study out of MIT for example concluded that when indoors while wearing a mask, there is no difference if you are six feet away from somebody or sixty feet away. The MIT researchers concluded that this is because the air you exhale is warm air, and warm air will rise. The researchers also say that this is especially true while wearing a mask, as masks push the exhaled air directly upward.

There are many studies just like this one, but the vast majority of the gold standard of scientific research all concludes that masks are completely ineffective at preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses and that healthcare workers wear them just to block big droplets.

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How interesting that liberals who claim to ‘love science’ don’t actually report what the science is saying.

What they really love is their opinions, and making others feel bad for not sharing them.

That’s another reason why the elites have forced mask mandates and other arbitrary rules on us.

They enjoy making us feel bad, and then they mock us by not following those rules themselves.

Just look how Nancy Pelosi is behaving when it comes to social distancing and masks…

Here’s a few examples of what the science actually says about masks, but the list goes on beyond what we’ve got space for here.

There is a sum total of zero randomized clinical trials showing that masks prevent any of the aforementioned illnesses. As you read through the following trial summaries and their conclusions, recall the damage we have already knowingly inflicted upon the population, and the health risks of the shutdowns that we have already consciously accepted in our quest to “trust the science.”

Jacobs, J. L. et al. (2009) “Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: A randomized controlled trial,” American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 37, Issue 5, 417–419.

N95-masked health-care workers (HCW) were significantly more likely to experience headaches. Face mask use in HCW was not demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds.

Radonovich, L.J. et al. (2019) “N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” JAMA. 2019; 322(9): 824–833.

“Among 2862 randomized participants, 2371 completed the study and accounted for 5180 HCW-seasons. … Among outpatient health care personnel, N95 respirators vs medical masks as worn by participants in this trial resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza.

Long, Y. et al. (2020) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks against influenza: A systematic review and meta-analysis,” J Evid Based Med. 2020; 1–9.

“A total of six RCTs involving 9,171 participants were included. There were no statistically significant differences in preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza, laboratory-confirmed respiratory viral infections, laboratory-confirmed respiratory infection, and influenza-like illness using N95 respirators and surgical masks. Meta-analysis indicated a protective effect of N95 respirators against laboratory-confirmed bacterial colonization (RR = 0.58, 95% CI 0.43-0.78). The use of N95 respirators compared with surgical masks is not associated with a lower risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

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You can see the rest of the studies listed here.

And let’s not forget what happened when Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted the statewide mask mandate.

Despite the criticism, coronavirus cases fell in Texas more than two weeks after Abbott lifted the restrictions, and even further weeks after that.

The science on masks preventing the spread of viruses has been settled for years, and this is why you saw the opposite of what was predicted in Texas occur. 

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Liberals will tell you none of this, but we will.

There’s also even more dodgy facts about masks…

As we know, most Americans are reusing their masks repeatedly.  Many Americans store them on their rear-view mirrors, in their pockets, and even on the table that they’re eating on at restaurants.

This can not be sanitary or healthy by any metric, and some studies suggest there is a great risk for microbial pathogen infections from constantly reusing masks.

One research focus area that appears to be entirely lacking, in examining the harms of masks, is the broad psychological impact of mandatory masking policies applied to the general population.

Some studies have found wide-ranging negative psychological impacts on forced mask usage, especially among children.

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That’s probably enough information for now, but it should prove the point.

Masks simply don’t do what the liberals are telling you they do.

Make of that what you will.

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