The ONLY Democrat To REFUSE The National Anthem

You’ll never guess who..

Kicking off the Democratic primary discussion on Tuesday conducted by CNN, presidential candidate Rep. Tim Ryan refused to carry his hand over his heart during our national anthem singing. He was the only candidate on stage to do so.

Politicos online called out the Democrat for his apparent anthem snub.

“Tim Ryan can’t be bothered to put his hand over his heart for the Star-Spangled Banner?” remarked The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles.

Ari Fleischer commented, “Rep. Tim Ryan didn’t put his hand over his heart during the national anthem. I guess he’s appealing to the Kaepernick wing of the Democratic Party.”

“Put your hand over your heart for the star spangled banner Tim Ryan!!!” The View’s Meghan McCain said.

“Why is no one kneeling in solidarity with Kaepernick?” asked The Daily Wire’s Paul Bois.

Democrats have mainly endorsed national anthem demonstrations by well-known performers like former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who says he kneeled in protest against widespread racism and police brutality. However, the ex-NFL’er recently worked to have Nike cancel a pair of Revolution Era, Betsy Ross-style American flag shoes, revealing that he actually has an issue with the flag.

    1. They should have dragged his ass off that stage. Did he think that would make him part of the Squad? All they need is one more anti American half wit to contend with. TRUMP 20/20

  1. Guess he took the new rule of ‘no raising of hands’ in this debate literally. Shame on him, should be disqualified just for that. I was appalled.

  2. This should tell the people what this guy is all about. He is trying to gain some notoriety but instead blew any chance of winning anything . Just a snobbish elite demorat who belongs playing with the rats in Baltimore

  3. Ryan needs to be ousted TO LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES!!He is a disgrace to our government and needs to make his living off of someone or someplace that is not in America! He is not welcome HERE anymore!!!! He is a traitor and not an American, How in THE hell IS HE ON ANY STAGE??????

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