The New Trump LIE Liberals Are Spreading

What nonsense!

Recently on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden is now claiming that “Trump was praising the Chinese government and downplaying the threat to the American people” and is now “trying to play this China card.”

According to Breitbart, Biden said, “Well, first of all, the president got it wrong from the beginning, absolutely missed any opportunity to get ahead of this. You know, back in January, I think it was the 27, when he was saying this — praising China and talking about it not being a problem. We had put together in our administration an office within the White House to deal with future pandemics. They had been briefed on it. They meaning the incoming administration. We had over 44, if I’m not mistaken, people from the CDC in China, in China to observe what was going on. The president brought home the vast majority of them, I think left only four in place. I kept — I wrote an article back in, I think, the 27 of January saying, we — there’s — a pandemic is coming. we should insist on being in China to see for ourselves what was happening so we could be prepared. The president said, no, no, they’re doing a great job. This — all this is going — everything is fine.”

Adding, “And so, the thing that I’d be doing is resetting that pandemic office in place, number one, making sure we had the CDC, like we did in our administration, forward-based around the world, so we could see these things coming. Because there will be more coming. The truth is, Trump was praising the Chinese government and downplaying the threat to the American people as I said — as I was warning of the need to get the people into China to see what was actually going on. And the Chinese government’s word — we squandered critical time. And so, I just don’t — and now he’s trying to play this China card.”

You can watch a clip of Biden’s comments here.

Image credit: ABC News

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  1. Joe, you took your son to Ukraine and China and he ended up with millions of dollars. Those dollars did not go to him being an expert and knowledge in either country. It was you that got him the money because of your isotope in government, second highest office in the country and Obama should have fired you and had DOJ prosecute you for a criminal act!

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