Texas Senate Passes Bill Stopping These Insane Left-Wing Policies

The Texas Senate recently approved a bill blocking the use of drugs and surgeries for gender transition purposes.

The bill covers minors, and will ensure they’re not subjected to treatments regarding their gender.

This is a big win for children in the state of Texas, who will now be safer than they were before this bill was passed.

Texas state senators approved a ban on experimental transgender drugs and surgeries for minors earlier this week, days after house lawmakers shelved similar legislation.

The upper chamber approved Senate Bill 1311 on Tuesday, reviving the push to protect children from life-threatening “gender-transition” procedures.


The specifics of the bill includes a range of helpful measures:

The bill would prohibit doctors from prescribing or administering “puberty-blocking medication” or cross-sex hormones, in addition to barring any “surgery that sterilizes the child” or otherwise removes a “healthy or non-diseased body part or tissue.” SB 1311 also would ban liability insurance coverage for the procedures and strip physicians of their licenses for performing them.


It looks pretty comprehensive, and that’s good news.

The transgender ideology is a product of the warped liberal worldview, and it’s harming our children.

Of course, Democrats unanimously opposed this bill.

The senate voted 17-13 for SB 1311 on Monday, with every Republican and no Democrats in favor. 


Democrats do not put protecting children high on their list of priorities.

That’s another reason that normal Americans shouldn’t vote for them.

However, there is an Establishment campaign at work to block these reforms passing the Texas State House.

Top Texas Republicans have slammed the inaction in the lower chamber, with state Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller placing the blame on calendars committee chair Rep. Dustin Burrow, as well as corporate pressure. “One man standing in the way, that’s your Rep. Dustin Burrows of Lubbock, who chairs the Calendars Committee and is holding up the bill because woke corporations put pressure on him,” Miller said in an ad backing HB 1399. “If he won’t stop them, (tell him) you’ll replace him with someone who will.”

Sources reportedly told the National File last week that Burrows, House Speaker Dade Phelan, and Gov. Greg Abbott, who is up for re-election next year, have worked together to suppress child “sex-change” bans.


It’s no surprise the globalist elites fully support procedures that mutilate children, and do their best to stop anyone trying to end them.

But the fact that high-level Republicans in Texas allow themselves to be influenced by their efforts is an insult to voters.

The LGBT lobby has also had a role in this.

Dozens of major companies have hammered Texas for weeks over conservative policies advancing in the state legislature, with pro-LGBT Big Tech giants, airlines, and hotel chains pressuring Republicans to drop the bills in a letter last month.


America First patriots must stand up against this insanity, and elect candidates that will do the same.

After all, the health and wellbeing of America’s children is at stake.

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