Ted Cruz DEMANDS Republicans Do WHAT?

Here’s what he had to say.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Ted Cruz stated that Republicans need to stand up against corporate America.

“[I] think wokeness is trying to destroy America, and we’re seeing whether it’s the corporate media or big business, we are seeing woke corporations that are engaged as the political enforcers of the radical left, and are trying to silence or trying to cancel. They’re trying to punish American citizens, and I think it is profoundly dangerous,” he said.

“Look, we’ve got to grow a backbone,” Cruz replied. “We’ve got to stand up to big business, and we’ve got to take on Big Tech. We’ve got to use the antitrust laws to break up Big Tech to go after them for abusing their monopoly power. This week, I wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on big companies and woke corporations, and I made a commitment this week that I am no longer accepting even one penny from any corporate PAC. Over nine years in the Senate, corporate PACs have given me about $2.6 million. But I said enough is enough. These guys are corrupt. They’re lying to the American people. They’re fighting the American people. They’ve declared the American people are their enemy.” You can read the full article here.

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    9. New taxes are needed: a politician/law/bureaucracy tax. Politicians, those in the law and bureaucracy are “bought and sold” every day, and they should be taxed. All in government and law and their family members will be taxed at a 90% rate for any and all increases beyond salary based assets accrued while in office and for five years after leaving government employment.
    10. All in government and law, and all with over 5 million dollars in assets, must have served or serve 4 years in the military and have their children and grandchildren serve in the military for 3 years without special consideration (to preserve themselves all that they stole–If they have not “defended” it by military service, to hell with them. To die for these corrupt politicians and their sycophant families is insane..To join the military is to become their slave).
    11. All in government and law and family members’ estates will be taxed at 90% at death for all assets over 3 million dollars accumulated during government employment and for 5 years thereafter. This is to pay off the national debt they created.
    12. All laws will be repealed which give any government employee or person in law any benefit not given to the common citizen.
    13. No remuneration of any kind is to be received for enhancing reputation, business generation, client and associate management, civic activities, bar association activities, pro bono activities, speeches, appointments to corporation boards or equivalents. There will be no origination fees, referral fees, fiat retainers, or name value payments or any other payments unless appropriate to the legal work actually performed.
    14. All members of law firms can bill only for work personally performed and documented, time and service, by open records.
    15. Immediate members of politicians’ families are prohibited from practicing law.
    16. Appearances of impropriety and conflicts of interest are to be avoided, disclosed immediately, undone, and prevented.
    17. All legal and financial records of all in government and the law (and employed family members) are open to the public…This enables “truth to reign.”

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