Teacher Put On Leave For Daring To Question THIS Far-Left Policy

A school in Virginia recently drew strong criticism from a physical education teacher for its policy on pronouns.

That policy states the following.

“LCPS staff shall allow gender-expansive or transgender students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence, regardless of the name and gender recorded in the student’s permanent educational record,” it read.

“School staff shall, at the request of a student or parent/legal guardian, when using a name or pronoun to address the student, use the name and pronoun that correspond to their gender identity. The use of gender-neutral pronouns are appropriate. Inadvertent slips in the use of names or pronouns may occur; however, staff or students who intentionally and persistently refuse to respect a student’s gender identity by using the wrong name and gender pronoun are in violation of this policy,” according to policy 8040.

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The gender agenda is infiltrating more and more of our institutions, and now its in our schools.

This is madness.

You are what you are born as, and that’s what you should be referred to as.

Regardless of the choices you make as an adult.

The teacher shared his views, and got put on leave for it.

Here’s what he said.

Tanner Cross who is an elementary school physical education teacher in Virginia, was placed on leave after disputing that a “biological boy can be a girl and vice versa,” at a school board meeting.

During a Loudoun County school board meeting on Tuesday, teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross spoke out against the policies surrounding gender.

“My name is Tanner Cross and I am speaking out of love for those who are suffering from gender dysphoria,” Cross said to the board

Cross continued on to mention the “60 Minutes” special about the issue on gender dysphoria.

“It’s not my intention to hurt anyone, but there are certain truths that we must face when ready. We condemn school policies [that] would damage children, defile the holy image of God,” Cross continued.

“I love all of my students but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God,” Cross also shared.

The Gateway Pundit

This is a moving statement that clearly shows how much Cross cares about his faith and the children he teaches at the school.

You can watch the whole clip below.

It’s his right to hold these views and to share them.

That’s guaranteed under the Constitution.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to the school.

Fox News was able to obtain an email sent to the group ‘Parents Against Critical Theory’ on Thursday that announced Cross’ leave from the Leesburg Elementary school.

“I’m contacting you to let you know that one of our physical education teachers, Tanner Cross, is on leave beginning this morning. In his absence, his duties will be covered by substitute staff already working in our building,” Principal Shawn Lacey wrote in the email.

The principal continued, “I wanted you to know this because it may affect your student’s school routine. Because this involves a personnel matter, I can offer no further information.”

Cross was placed on leave for unknown reasons. Lacey sent the email, according to Loudoun County Public Schools, who confirmed it to Fox News.

“The decision to place an employee on leave is not the principal’s,” according to Spokesman Wayde Byard.

“The contents of personnel files are confidential under state and federal law. I cannot comment other to say that Mr. Cross is on administrative leave with pay,” Byard mentioned to Fox News.

The Gateway Pundit

The school should reinstate Cross and admit it’s un-American to censor someone for their religious beliefs.

That’s the only reasonable resolution for this.

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