Surprising Source Defends Trump’s Travel Ban

Riyadh Al Ahmady is celebrating successfully becoming a U.S. citizen, but the Iraqi interpreter has a lot more to say than just thank you.

Ahmady was formerly the interpreter for deceased American sniper Chris Kyle. Code named “Johnny Walker” during the Iraq war, Ahmady is using his unique perspective to give insight to President Donald Trump’s travel ban and more importantly, how he supports it.

The new American citizen shared with the Daily Caller that he was overwhelmed when he was finally successful in completing the legal immigration process saying, “It was [a] big honor. It was an amazing feeling.” 

But that’s not all. Ahmady also shared how he felt about illegal immigration after being asked by Stephanie Hamill.

“If I want to come to your house, I have to ring the door bell or ask permission to come to your house, right?” Ahmady suggested. “What do you think if I jump through the window or the fence? You think this is the right way for a human being to do business?

“Same thing with immigrants,” he continued. “Instead of jump[ing] the border, go apply for citizenship, wait until your right time and come to this county, and I’m telling you: If you follow the legal procedure, this country will welcome you and they will love you.”

He also defended President Trump’s 2017 travel ban, pointing out that Muslim countries frequently restrict border access as well. “When he announced the travel ban, they called him racist, against Muslims … all these bulls**t things,” Ahmady said.

Quite an endorsement from someone who has seen the reality of war in Iraq.

  1. Good for him. Sounds like a grateful, honest American. Welcome home Ahmady. Glad to have you. Speak up when you think you should.

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