Steve Scalise TEARS Into Impeachment, Leaves Democrats STUNNED

This one had to hurt.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) argued Democrats’ impeachment effort was costing them swing voters.

Scalise also called Pelosi’s work on impeachment an “obsession,” which has forced Democrats out of favor with highly coveted swing voters.

“I’m telling you — you’ve seen it in the polling, where people, swing voters are furious with this,” he said. “And they’re asking, especially all of those Democrats who ran two years ago, saying they were going to be different. They were going to work across the aisle, work with everybody, vote against Pelosi. And every one of them is a puppet for Pelosi. And they’re being asked in their swing districts, ‘What have you been doing and why haven’t you been focusing things that matter to me like lowering prescription drugs, like working with the other parties to build infrastructures and secure the border.’”

“None of those things are happening because of this obsession Pelosi has had with impeachment,” Scalise continued. “It actually cost them a Democrat when Jeff Van Drew switched parties to Republican because he had enough with this impeachment. By the way, his reaction when he went back home was incredibly positive — people thanking him for mark and basically working for them in trying to work with this president to get things done.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

  1. We caught glimpses of it during Obama’s time in office, but since election night 2016, the Democrats have proven themselves to be the 21st Century Bolsheviks. They are no different than the Marxists of the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, where the entire Romanov Family and their associates were murdered in cold blood, by the Bolshevik Marxists to lay the ground work for the Soviet Union. Look at the basis for their constituency,chronic losers, social malcontents, professional victims, anyone with their hands out wanting something for nothing, race hustlers, and criminal radical anarchists. They always side with the enemies of this nation, such as the Vietcong, NVA, Hezbollah, the Khmer Rouge, the Castro Brothers, the Latin American Dictators of Central and South America, and even our home grown left wing radicals like the Weathermen. Gor over three years they have done nothing to earn the wages and benefits we tax payers provide for them either constructive or productive. They have been on a D.N.C. sanctioned Palace Coup assisted by their Deep State Minions in the government and their D.N.C. politburo Propaganda Machine {Fake News Media}. They are no longer operating as a Political Party, but as a criminal subversive group.

    1. There is a term for their mental illness: Control Schizophrenia. There are people who have stepped on others over and over again through out their lives to the point they can not even look at themselves in a mirror. For this reason they need to CONTROL other people to try to make them tell them they respect them but even then then know it is a lie. Their lives are a fake. Their minds can only think along abnormal paths causing more damage. There is NO cure.

  2. You stated that very well. The Democrats have become nothing but hate gang of lawless, worthless people who clearly show that their main interest is Power. And they will do anything to accomplish their agenda. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. And Hillary was right when she said, “Democrat voters are stupid. They believe anything.” The Democrat voters prove it when they even defend Schiff using Nazi tactics in their sham impeachment hearings. Can’t believe anyone would approve of Schiff’s refusing to go by our Constitution. And, of course, refusing to hold fair hearings tells anyone with any decency that the Democrats are CORRUPTED.

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