Steve Scalise Gives Trump The BAD News

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise stated that President Donald Trump should have made an “unequivocal calling out of what was going on at the time, when people were storming the Capitol.”

Scalise responded, “Well, I think, first of all, a strong understanding of just what happened Wednesday and how words that he gave Wednesday didn’t help, and in fact, caused a lot of real division that didn’t need to be there. I’m very troubled by what happened Wednesday, on a lot of fronts.”

He added, “But again, we all need to check how the rhetoric plays into that, and you know, I think that’s one of those things where it should have been an unequivocal, just complete unequivocal calling out of what was going on at the time, when people were storming the Capitol, to say, without any equivocation, that it was wrong. It shouldn’t be happening. It’s not we are as Americans, and to call it out without any condition, and that didn’t happen.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

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  1. Scalise, Trump did tell them to go but he told them to protest peacefully. Antifa came in a truck with Trump gear on to make it look like conservatives were doing all the damage. What more do you want. At least he was not a Maxine Waters who told her member to go out and pull them out of restaurants, kick them, do whatever you have to do to them. No one censored her. You are just another traitor to the president, trying to get favor with the opposition who beat your pants off. We don’t need traitors like you. Really, we do not.

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