Something Is Wrong With U.S. Army Recruitment – These 3 Videos Show Why

A recent U.S. Army recruitment commercial was compared to ones from Russia and China.

Worried Americans are taking notice of the “woke” direction Joe Biden’s government is taking the U.S. military compared to Russia and China’s own armed forces.

The stark contrast between the U.S. military’s woke recruitment ads and Russia and China’s impressive and menacing recruitment videos have people on social media taking notice. 


The difference is shocking.

You can see for yourself by watching these 3 short clips.

First up, the Russian ad:

Next, the Chinese:

Now before you watch the third, keep in mind the way these two clips are quite similar.

They show fighting and training.

They make clear the army is a tough and unforgiving environment.

Contrast those videos to this one, from the official U.S. Army recruitment channel on YouTube.

Whatever you think of Russia and China, they’re doing a far better job at showing the reality of army life than America is.

This video doesn’t really reveal anything about what it’s like to be in the military.

Patriots need to push back against this approach in the U.S. Army, otherwise our military will become weaker as others around the world become stronger.

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