Should Trump Apologize For This?

Democrats and the media have mostly one objective in mind; to slander President Trump’s name at all costs but does he need to apologize for this?

Recently on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) expressed his thoughts on Trump attacking Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). He stated that President Trump should apologize for his constant harassment of the senator.

Stephanopoulos, asked, “The president tweeting this morning, the second time in a couple of days of attacks on your former colleague John McCain, the late Senator John McCain, this morning tweet suggesting that McCain turned over the Steele dossier to the FBI before the election. As far as we can tell that is not true. It wasn’t turned over by McCain until December, and for the second time, President Trump continues to go after Senator McCain. Your reaction?”

Coons stated, “I have long thought that his personal and direct attacks on Senator McCain was one of the most detestable things about President Trump’s conduct as a candidate. Senator McCain conveyed that report out of a sense of duty. And he is someone he lived his entire life for the sense of honor and duty to our country. I frankly think the president’s continued attacks on now late Senator John McCain is something that is regrettable and he should apologize.”

  1. Ya think Trump may have known McCain was the steele dossier promoter which may have been the reason he was bashing McCain in the first place?

  2. Why should he the left gets away with everything, lies deceit and corruption and President Trump tells it like it is!

    1. I think the one telling lies and corruption is Trump and his base continues to excuse it as “Fake news.”His lawyer and campaign manager are going to jail but they didn’t lie and cheat at his direction? Didn’t they work for him? Oh wait he continually said that no collusion with Russia yet they were going to pay him 400 million upfront to put his name on a tower in Moscow? His son and son in law had meetings with Russians well into election. Deal was only squashed after election when it came to be in fact true. No emoluments there? John Mcain gave service to his nation oh wait Trump did not then riddlculed Mcain’s service, couldn’t make it to Arlington cemetery on Veterans Day and trump is the great American?

      1. Elizabeth, as a retired veteran, I don’t believe McCain was ever in control of his faculties. How he was ever elected to a government job. outside the military, is unknown. Apparently another Trump “hater” has posted nonsense!!


  3. Absolutely NOT!!!! John McCain was a traitor to America and it is proven. He was a menace to the Senate, the military and the men he served with. Trump owes nobody anything – got it?

  4. He should not apologize, McCain was part of the swamp and did everything he could to go against Trump.

  5. No. President Trump should no apologize for stating a fact. Senator McCain was not right when he published the papers that were not real. They were not founded on fact. Just because Senator McCain wa a war hero, That did not give him the right to lie about President Trump. He never like Donald Trump when he was running for president. I believe Senator McCain was what most people call a Rihno. He did not agree with the republican party.

  6. What I think is detestable is how the press and Democrats have repeatedly criticized the President of the United
    States. What don’t you understand about our democracy? President Trump won the election. I didn’t vote for nor did I approve of President Obama. My husband and I worked very hard to achieve what we have. We raised six children. All of them are hard working . I don’t think all the give away’s that President Obama supported helped this country at all. There are ways to help people by training them to hold productive jobs instead of giving them free phones. free food. free transportation. We have raised a generation of people that think this world owes them.. Who pays your phone bill, mortgage, puts food on your table? I don’t have a problem if people are disabled or ill about helping them. It’s the able bodied that I resent getting public support. Free education? Education isn’t free the tax payers get to foot the bill. Wake up America.

  7. I’m sorry that John McClain lost his life to cancer and applaud him for his military career, but he was the worst R.I.N.O Senator we ever had. He hated President Trump and did whatever he could do to destroy him. The only reason he got as many votes that he did on his bid for the President was because he had Sarah Palin as his Vice President. I’m sorry for Meghan’s loss of her father, but she is so wrong about his service as Senator, in my opinion.

  8. Perhaps he should not speak of the deceased as the democrats talk slander of him at all cost. Just go after the democrats that are still alive and slandering him. No the president should not apologize for telling the truth.

  9. I’m a supporter of the President and support him and will continue too, but, this was uncalled for and insensitive to the family McCain left behind. I’ve never been a fan of McCain either, but this just doesn’t sit with me we’ll.

  10. No, the President doesn’t need to apologize. Mr. McCain has stepped on his own parties toes many times while he’s been in office. Yes he was a prisoner of war but that doesn’t justify some of his actions while serving in the senate!!!

  11. Trump has NOTHING to apologize for. All those politicians
    that keep attacking him are the ones that should be apologizing.

  12. Trump should not apologize for anything. He knows what McCain said and did. In my opinion President Trump is the smartest president we have had and not afraid of the lie’s from the left. He is smart enough to deal with them. I definitely will be voting for him come 2020. We got to take our country back and get that wall built as soon as possible.

  13. He owes no one an apology. John McCain criticized President Trump constantly. ThankGod, we have a President who says what the majority of Americans think. I love President Trump for saying what he thinks. He takes no rap for anyone. Glad he isn’t politically correct. The Democrats can’t stand it that we didn’t elect a career politician as our President. Americans are fed up with the Lying career politicians, who need to be voted out. We definitely need term limits.

  14. No apology needed. McCain is not, was not and will never be a hero. He did nothing that did not further his own
    needs and did not gave a dam about others. Reports said that he was the first and I believe them.
    Mcshame owes Americans an explanation as to his behaviors when voting on Oblah care termination.

  15. I say Apologize when the Left Apologizes to him for all the Lies and Made Up Stories that the Media and most of the Left creates about him…. He doesn’t OWE anyone an Apology!

  16. hell with them all. take care of our country first send all the dumb ass dead beats in dc to mexico and build the wall and don’t let them back in i was raised and born here and the gov don’t do a damb thing for me and I’m 53 years old but if i come to the u.s. hell i can live like a king. up all yours dems and that dried up Pelosi.

  17. Just tell me one good thing McCain did! He survived the VietNam War, that’s his big claim to fame. Big deal he didn’t even do that well!!! He lost an American Jet Fighter that cost millions of dollars and was captured! He couldn’t even evade the enemy long enough to be rescued! Sorry, that doesn’t attest to his abilities or intelligence! He had cancer but when his wife got cancer he abandoned her, that doesn’t attest to his loyalty or his manhood!!! And that makes him a bad Father! So why would his daughter stand up for him? Maybe she can tell me one good thing he did!!!

  18. John McCain was a rhino in the first degree. If one didn’t know any better, you would think that McCain was a Democrat. The Dems knew they could depend on McCain to vote with them and not with the Republicans.

  19. No
    In my mind McCann was really a democrat
    Pretending to be a republican. I am thankful for his service
    In the war and am sorry for what he went through. He is not the only hero in the war. There are plenty of hero’s that never came home. Also there are those hero’s that came home with no limbs and PTS. Well they suffered just as much as Mr.McCain. I feel they do not get the the recognition they deserve because they were not a US senator. Most of them since they came home were not as fortunate the have the same life that he had. To this day
    They are still struggling to survive in everyday life.

  20. I do not think our President owes any apology about McCain, he was a backstabbing RINO and did every thing he could before his death to undermine our President.

  21. Hell no! McCain showed his true colors when he ruined getting rid of Obama care with his one vote! His hatred of Trump was greater than his caring about the America People.

  22. McCain was a Weasel for the Liberal Democrat Party. Once a Weasel always a Weasel, The Traitor Died a God Damn Weasel. He was a Democrat playing it off as a Republican, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Every time we Americans turned around he’s was siding with the Democrats Voting for Liberal Democrat Causes. Liberals are Crooked, Corrupt as their entire Political Party are Corrupt too it’s Highest point at present. Pres. Trump should Never Ever Apologizes for anything he accuse the Democrat as doing. The entire population in America already know how Crooked and Corrupt the Fascist Left Wing Liberal Progressive Democrat Globalist Party really iare today. It’s not even a Funny anymore. Every Damn thing that comes out of any Liberal Democrats mouth is a Lie full of Bullshit. The Democrat Party are not working for the American People they’re working for themselves.

  23. As I recall the last couple of years “canary McCain” spent on this earth, his time was filled with all kinds of vicious attacks ON PRESIDENT TRUMP, made by the Vietnam War traitor himself; he was NOT a hero, he was a bumbling, self-centered fool and. clearly, a traitor to America as well as his former comrades in arms. Just research the number of “secretive trips abroad” he made, in order to meet with “enemies of America”.

  24. No he doesn’t need to apologize in fact as president he can pull mccains official records from the navy and expose him for what he was this should take care of all the hoopla about McCain pull his actual records not the cleanup version that his admiral father put forth

  25. McCain was like the rest of the scumbags in Washington…maybe a bit worse in that he was a traitor and in NO way a war hero…he betrayed his fellow soldiers in Nam and then used his lies to better himself in politics…HE WAS NO WAR HERO…the opposite more likely….NO President should NOT applogize for anything he said about the scumbag McCain…

  26. Sometimes you get what you give. McCain was neck deep in treasonous behavior when it came to delivering the bogus Russian report to turncoat Comey. He then granstanded the deciding vote that killed the reversal of Obozocare. McCain played every card he held against Trump and gave me the feeling that he was taking the role of a Manchurian candidate to keep Trunp from being elected. He then cast every senate vote contrary to the President’s position. The guy was insane and barely functional during the last 2 years of his life. The President doesn’t owe anyone an apology for pursuing the agenda we elected him to enact. MAGA!

  27. Meghan McCain used her father’s funeral as a HATE TRUMP rally. Why should President Trump apologize to her for telling the truth about her father? Her father should have resigned as soon as he was diagnosed with his terminal cancer. Instead he spent his final days trying to destroy Trump and his attempt to repeal/replace Obamacrapcare. I did not respect John McCain for being a RINO and for blaming Sarah Palin when HE LOST THE ELECTION. He and his family disrespected Sarah and the President by not inviting them to the funeral. They really showed their true colors. RINO and HIPPOcrytes.

  28. Absolutley NOT! McCain was the most destructive officer I have ever heard of, while in his service. All discounted and covered up by his daddy and grand daddy both Admirals…. he crashed at least two jet planes (costing over $1,000,000.00 – each) and caused considerable damage to an Air Craft Carrier due to a unthinking manuver while taking off from the carrier deck and causing some casualties in the process… and then there was the Hanoi Hilton episodes…. what a TRAITOR!!! It’s the mc cain family who needs to apologize to his fellow service personnel with whom he served and were incarcerated and then ratted them out….while he was treated with the respect he should never have gotten and wouldn’t have except for the rank of his daddy and grand daddy. So now who should apologize for this rotten shipmate?

  29. McShame was the cause of many deaths on the carrier, Forestal I believe. Because his father was an admiral, it was all shoved under the rug. Nice to have a father who outranked almost everyone there. As far as getting captured, it was his fault. McShame flew his jet that was shot down 500 feet lower than the prescribed altitude for the flight. Easy pickinens for the NVA. While in the Hilton, he gained the name of the Songbird of the Hanoi Hilton. After his release he did everyting he could to be a RHINO, which he did well.

  30. President Donald Trump – is serving America and doing a very good Job – Now if all Senators and house Members would look out for America and the People this country would be 100% better, but no the House and Senate only won’t to pad their pockets and the hell with America and the Citizens – Just look at all the items that are Taxed 97 different ways – and the House and Senate have spent America in to 22 trillion dollar hole, and Trump only wants a 5 – 10 Billion dollar wall. Trillion is a 1000 billion thank about it.

  31. Yes he needs to apologize. He is the president and should be held to a high standard. John McCain is deceased and whatever he did is in the past… It’s time to let it go.

  32. No he don’t need to apologize. He doing his job as President of the United State. A job that should have been done back in the 1970. Those in Congress are the one that should apologize for not doing their job for the American People. All they care about is Bill with their earmark to Benefit them and those that come here. What are we the Welfare Countries everyone come here for free stuff ? They come here and want to change everything ! What make us a third world countries ? I don’t want that. Go President Trump !!!!

  33. ABSOLUTELY NOT! McCain was a war criminal, a traitor to this country. His father the Admiral protected him when he had several airplane crashes, where anyone else would be grounded, but he was not. He was anything but living his life in honor and duty to his country! I see others have said the same.

  34. ROFLMAO…..maybe Coons should revisit history. McCain’s record is the very reason people shunned him for president. Az. may have been naive enough to elect him but the rest of the country knew better and, no, We won’t apologize either.

  35. NO apology . . . McCain did everything he could to sabotage the President because he’s a poor loser. Glad to see him out of the system!

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