SHOCKING: Former Republican Could Soon Run In 2020

What a snake…

Recently on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI), who recently abandoned the Republican Party, admitted he would not rule out a run for president.

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: What about the possibility of your running for president as a libertarian or some other ticket. I asked you about that four or five months ago and you didn’t rule it out. Is it possible you would run for president?

AMASH: I still wouldn’t rule anything like that out. I believe that I have to use my skills, my public influence where it serves the country best and I believe I have to defend the Constitution in whichever way works best and if that means doing something else, then I do that. But I feel confident about running in my district, I feel a close tie to my community, I feel — I care a lot about my community and I want to represent them in Congress.

TAPPER: When do you think you’ll make a decision about a possible presidential run?

AMASH: It is something people talk about all of the time. It is not something that is right on my radar right now. So I couldn’t tell you.

    1. Definitely, he would get Trumped so bad, so fast. I don’t think he would spend that much money. Who would go to his rally anyway?

  1. Just in Amish; bad idea unless you really want to embarrass yourself or be proud of the votes you may get
    from like personalities which can’t see the forest because of the trees!

  2. Here in Michigan he is behind in every poll. He quit because he was losing. No one in Michigan wants a liar or traitor. America doesn’t need a disgrace to America. He loves China more than America.

  3. You got too be kidding me. This loser thinks he wants to run for president and he can’t even make up his own mind and know what party he is. What a idiot. But look how many Democrat idiots are running for president. It is a circus this election in 2020. Go ahead and run, we all need a good laugh and watch Trump destroy what little bit of self esteem you might have in your worthless politically mentally ill body. Go ahead, we all could use another good laugh. They say, Laughter helps people who are sick, so maybe this will help the sick people out there that need to get well.

    1. NavyP02, You are so right, and we do NOT want another Muslim in the WH. He wants to finish what Obama started, and before he runs the Republicans had better check out his past.

  4. Don’t ever allow Amash back in the Republican Party or give him assistance. That’s one less RINO Punk in the party. Time to clear out the rest.

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