Shameless CNN Uses CHILDREN To Attack Trump

These people are so low.

Recently on CNN, host Anderson Cooper wildly blasted President Trump for not caring about American children, teachers and parents by trying to reopen schools shutdown by the coronavirus.

According to Breitbart, Cooper stated, “Today the president of the United States did something rare: He expressed a notion that we can all agree on, that kids belong in the classroom — but then made it quite clear beyond what it means to himself and his re-election, he doesn’t actually care about those kids at all. He doesn’t care about their health and safety, nor the health of their teachers and parents, and federal guidelines for keeping them safe.”

Cooper then said, “The president bragged today about getting the CDC to change their guidelines to weaken them, and lo and behold, the CDC, which used to be a world-respected organization, they are going to come up with new guidelines, less difficult ones. Just think about that. The CDC puts together guidelines based on science to protect kids and teachers, staying six feet apart and masks and having airflow in rooms and washing hands, and because the president thinks it’s too difficult, the CDC is going to weaken them.”

Adding, “We don’t want guidance to be too tough, the vice president said. Let’s just have guidance based on magical thinking or a pamphlet written by the advisers Diamond and Silk. The president threatened retribution for schools. I’m quoting a tweet, ‘In Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden schools are open with no problem, Dems think it would be bad politically if they open schools before the November election but important for the children and families, may cut off funding if not open.’ Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, I want to show you what life looks like in those four countries,” said Cooper, putting up a graph of new case reporting. “Germany reported 279 new cases yesterday, according to Johns Hopkins University data, and Denmark 10, Norway 11, Sweden 283. The total of 583 new cases yesterday in a population of about 100 million. As for the United States, we have more than 60,000. 60,000 new cases. Today we surpassed 3 million since the outbreak began. One hundred thirty-two thousand lives lost, cases rising 35 states holding steady in 12 falling in just three. That is the reality today. Tomorrow looks worse, not better.”

You can watch a clip of Cooper’s comments here.

Image credit: Insider

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  1. Typical CNN. Use children to attack Trump. Use children to create a Marxist state. Then use children to advocate abortion. No wonder CNN only has a dozen viewers, and they have to fight with MSNBC for those.

  2. Why did Dr. Fauci and Nancy Pelosi give millions of dollars to the Wuhun lab that caused this virus vs giving money to American labs for research? My only guess is kickbacks from China. Constituents aren’t paying Pelosi $174,000/yr for kickbacks from China… They are paying her to represent them and she’s not doing the job Her district has a high number of unemployment, uninsured and homeless which she isn’t doing anything about the situation. She is just eating her $20/pint ice cream. Way to go Nancy….

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