Shady Schiff Mouths Off, Trump ‘Far Worse’ Than Nixon

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff is talking more trash during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Schiff asserts that dubious claims in the Mueller report of obstruction are “far worse than anything that Richard Nixon did.”

“I have been clear over the last year, there’s ample evidence of collusion in plain sight. I distinguish time and time again between collusion that’s acts of corruption that may or may not be criminal and proof of criminal conspiracy,” Schiff told host Martha Raddatz.

But he wasn’t done adding, “The obstruction of justice, in this case, is far worse than anything that Richard Nixon did. The break-in of the Russians of the democratic institutions, foreign adversary. Yes, I would say in every way this is more significant. The fact that a candidate for president and now the president of the United States will not only stand up and resist Russia interference in our election goes beyond anything that Richard Nixon yes. It’s far more serious than Watergate.”

Finally Schiff summed up his accusations, “I do believe he obstructed justice and did so in many ways and I think the Mueller report points out how the elements of obstruction are met in several courses of the president’s conduct.”

Which is ridiculous as Nixon was found to be guilty and Trump remains innocent. 

  1. Schiff what do you say let’s get to work on the real problem you. You haven’t done anything in over 100 days to help Americans problem. I honestly don’t know how President Trump has put up with it. I sure wouldn’t.

    1. I agree with you completely!! President Trump has exhibited far more tolerance to this “Twit” then I ever would have. When you have a formal investigation against a sitting president of the United States that was ran by Mueller who had been the former Director of the FBI who stacked his investigative task force with his old buddies (the upper echelon of the FBI) who were ALL Democrats that have now been proven through text messaging alone we’re attempting to commit a (political coup d’état) against a sitting president that is considered TREASON!! If Mueller had found ANY proof of collusion with Russian officials or ANY “legal form of obstruction” Mueller would have ran with it. Trust me Mueller WANTED it badly but could not find any. What Shifty Eyed Schiff constantly ignores is the fact that to charge President Trump (who by the letter of the law is innocent until proven guilty) must show proof that a crime has been committed before there can be any form of collusion (which they could not), so in simple terms you can’t be prosecuted for obstruction for a crime that did not occur?
      I would not only fire/can Schiff but all of the government officials involved in treason. Using the debunked fake Russian Dossier now proven that the FBI knew was bogus and lied to FISA court judges stating the Dossier had been verified (which was not) was a LIE. The Dossier was written by Steele who was employed by Fusion GPS. Ironically Bruce Ohr’s wife was also employed at Fusion GPS and HRC & DNC paid for this trash Dossier that McCain turned over to the FBI which was leaked to the MSM (prior to the election hoping it would destroy any chance for Trump) An “Internet” writeup about the Dossier is what our so called “elite” upper echelon used for their form of verification, which was a complete JOKE. The FISA court judges were lied to on four separate occasions to obtain warrants and ILLEGALLY wire tapped American Citizens should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In closing I am completely disgusted in the behavior of the Democratic Party for their attempt to trash our Attorney General for following the LAW (that the Democrats voted for and wanted at that time) about redactions of the report and they knew that he can not release it the way they want it or he would be guilty of breaking the law. AG Barr who has already held the position once before under the first Bush administration has a impeccable reputation that the left are trying to destroy because AG Barr will not play ball in their little political game and I will point out WILL NOT WORK. I do hope that AG Barr who has appointment a special prosecutor that has a reputation as a “bulldog” known for just what he was appointed to do “investigate the investigators. Perhaps we will also get some answers to the Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting, former AG Holder charged with Contempt to Congress over “Fast and Furious”, the IRS targeting of Conservatives, HRC “colluding” with Russia and selling 20% of Amerisa’s Uranium One deal that I HRC collected an estimated $18 million on, the Clinton Fiasco with their Foundation & the devastation of Haiti the Clinton’s profited in BIG TIME not Haiti that ironically 2 days prior to his testimony a 30 something doctor happily married with young children just up and decided to commit suicide, Benghazi, HRC and use of her private server and 33,000 missing emails (investigated by the same FBI officials attempting the coup d’état). I know it’s just wishful thinking I get a really bad taste in my mouth when I hear people say the Ibama years were scandal free.

      1. Please excuse the few typographical errors in my spelling such as the word America and Ibama. They were not intentional and unfortunately I am unable to edit my comment and correct them.

  2. Mr. Schiff, I know you are one of the worst Senator in my life time. I am 83 years old. So I have been around for some time. Also I served 23 years in the Army. I also served 30 years as a civilian with the DOD. I served over 25 years in foreign country’s. I don’t think you have ever been in the Military. I would Just like to know what you have done for our country besides serving as a senator. President Trump has done more for this country in two years, than Obama did in 8 years.
    If you and the rest of the Senators, and Congress men would work together. This would be the greatest Country
    on this earth.

    I’m sure you most likely won’t see this email. Your staff will most likely delete it.
    By the way I am also a Vietnam Vet, and a 80% disabled Vet.

    SFC Thomas L. Swift Jr. (Retired)
    3864 Seigle Dr.
    Elgin, IL. 60124

  3. What the hell would he know about Nixon , shifty would have only been 12 -13 years old when Watergate was going on.

  4. As the alleged Russian interference happened during Obama’s presidency, Obama should have stopped it, and he did not. The only collusion with the Russians was done by Hillary.

    1. Yes, you’re technically correct; however, Obama made this missed arm tackle move by telling Putin ” to knock it off”. What a pathetic effort from a pathetic president!

  5. Shiffless should detail his assertions, backed up by evidence and fact, or just shut up. Every time he opens this hoax he makes himself look more stupid than most Dimwits, and that is saying a lot since they are all stupid and grasping at straws that aren’t there. Maybe he should be prosecuted for untrue and unsupported statements. President Trump should sue him for libel. His unsupported assertions have sullied the Presidents reputation and harmed America. He is the poster child for term limits or the Californians that elected him should rethink their votes in 2020.

  6. That pencil neck geek can KMA…………………………………………………………………………..

  7. This bulged eyed asswipe is relentless. As all democrats are, they had a panel of all democrats doing the investigating, and don’t trust their outcome. They better get used to it. Us and Trump are winning with everything they throw at him, he keeps winning, because truth and loving America works.MAGA 2020..

  8. Adam Schiff, are you kidding me. I could make many accusations against him as well. Simply saying “I believe” this person said or did this or that means nothing!! He has been popping off for two years now and he has NOTHING to show for it. To me, he is only trying to impress Mr. Soros. This is all about him trying to prove just how important he is. Actually, he should be removed from his position, NOW!!

  9. Now Now just because he his a liar and a leaker no need to be mean to him or he may want to go home and live MOMMY’s basement. He should have already been brought up on charges because he stated he “had proof” that TRUMP did something wrong. That is a criminal act for a person in his position not to provided the required evidence. So if anyone should be going to jail it should be ADAM Shiff. No Democrap will even hold him responsible for his lies and many false statements. The only proof he has is in pee brain if if even has one of those.

    1. Might be one of those names Nunes handed over to our AG Barr to endict. We will soon find out. Schiff and a few other upper level dems I am sure are going to go down. Schiff as we all know colluded during his visit to Vail, CO.

  10. Okay this crap has been going on for over TWO years! The left must think Republicans are dumber than a box of rocks along with their own constituents if they think we buy any of this crap! The way I see it President Trumps behavior through all of this BS I would consider exemplar in his conduct because I would have lost it on someone a LONG, LONG time ago especially when the basis for all of these accusations are from a FAKE Dossier paid for by HRC (who was his opponent in the presidential run) and the DNC. That in itself makes all of the LEFTS claims extremely DUBIOUS at best. I can see why AG Barr had a press conference of his own prior to the release of Muellers report now, the left are actually trying to spin it with words that are NOT in the report! This is not a roadmap for future prosecutors against Trump, it is because there is not any chargeable offense that would hold up in the Cory of law and Mueller knows it. Mueller only listed those ten items to spite President Trump and keep the malicious diatribe going. IF President Trump voiced his opinion of anything it was due to frustration only. One can only imagine and innocent man might feel when you have heard over two years of a constant barrage of spewed hate. President Trump also has the right to free speech not just the left. He did not break any laws. So the way I see it President Trump has complied with everything the that Mueller had asked of him except a one on one interview and I would not have agreed to that either. He did not use any executive action, remained transparent and the left still refuse to accept it so NOW I feel he has every right to go in and FIRE anyone that he is legally allowed to such as Schiff!! Hell they make him out to be a jerk all the time now it’s time to play the part. Start getting indictments and start playing in their war!

  11. Shit for brains is a psychotic idiot! I don’t think this nut knows anything that is truthful. I bet he sits up at night dreaming of crap that he can say about Pres. Trump the next day. Trump nicknamed him correctly-pencil neck!

  12. Shiff brought to justice,All lying criminal sooner or later or brought to justice. The real cover-up is the Obama Watergate on steroids using the agencies to spy on Trump and then make him the guilty party when in fact year all lying criminal sooner or later or brought to justice. The real cover-up is Obama Watergate on steroids using the agencies to spy on Trump and then make him the guilty party when in fact He is the victim. Your bum a spy gate was Watergate on steroids and infect the whole communist a.k.a. Democrat party of which they really are the communist party! Read the 45 goals of communism to take down the United States communism infected the Democrat party on or they are about round Roosevelt.

  13. It is totally rediculous that so many people have NO JUDGEMENT and that whacko POLITICOS can get away with spewing hate while claiming tolerance. He must be busted for his wild lies. MSM should pay for providing him a forum to lie to the sheep.

  14. Why is it called the House Intelligence Committee?
    because some committee members are questionable.

  15. Shifty Shiff is trying to outdo Joe McCarthy. He lies about having proof that does not exist. Put him under oath and require him to produce the evidence.

  16. Little Schitt has been living in Fantasy Land for months. It is to much to expect him to rejoin the real world when the Mueller report ended his Fantasy for the rest of us. The best part of Fantasy Land is it goes on and on.

  17. This guy is totally nuts needs to have a psyche evaluation to see if he’s even fit to remain in public office!

    1. Rep Gaetz has introduced a resolution to have this lying traitor schitt removed from the House Intelligence Committee and have his security clearance revoked!!.. but this is not near enough, Schitt needs to be charged with SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY..he needs to PUT UP OR SHUT UP!..,,these lies are all that we heard for 2 yrs..nonstop…look at this definition and tell me how that this was not what was happening?????Seditious conspiracy (18 U.S.C. § 2384) is a crime under United States law. It is stated as follows: If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, ……

  18. Looks like the pencil neck geek is headed for The Gray Bar Hotel! If he’s a friend of yours, send him a 55 gallon drum of Vaseline!

  19. Trump remains to be innocent? In America, Schiff for brains, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! Congress can’t arrest anyone, neither can that committee! The Mueller investigation wasn’t done according to protocol, and having all Democrats on the investigation team, isn’t right! It was a witch hunt!
    Hypocrisy is staggering!

  20. Schiff, please find the law that says collusion is a crime, and read it to everyone the next time you get in front of a camera! The investigation was about Collusion, and the only ones colluding with Russia is the DNC! Obama, “tell Vladimir that I will be in touch after the election!” Uranium1, and as far as the 2016 Presidential Election goes, HRC stole the DNC Presidential nomination election, from Bernie Sanders! She wasn’t even supposed to run against Trump!

  21. Remember back in High School, there was always a guy like Schiff. He was always running his mouth and making stupid remarks. Then he complained that nobody liked him. He was about as popular as a venereal disease!

  22. This guy has got to go! It must be a contest over who is the worst, lying, P of S commie/lefty/demonrat in OUR government! Like mad max, he never shuts up! Wonder if they realize how stupid and dumb they are and act?

  23. Schiff is a disgrace to America. he is a liar and a cheat. Hr lied about all the evidence he had on our President and tried to end his career. Instead, he ended his own dignity and morality. He, Ortegaa, Oman, and the other rebel, should be removed from the government. They are nothing but viscious and miserable crooks! How about checking their bank accounts!!!!!

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