School Shooting Vigil: Students WALK OUT When Democrats Get Political

Democrats made a big mistake when they thought they could use a tragedy to push their policies of compliance. 

Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jason Crow, both Democrats attempted to advocate for gun control during the high school vigil for 18-year-old hero student Kendrick Castillo and the surviving victims of the STEM Highlands Ranch charter school in Colorado.

The students, showing themselves to be wiser be far, were having none of it. Chants of “mental health” were raised in opposition to the call for restrictions on rights and nearly 2,000 students walked out of the event entirely. 

Individual students could be heard protesting the “political stunt” and shouted, “we are people, not a statement.” 

But the students were willing to honor the reason they were called together and local reporter Kyle Clark shared that the students who walked out held their own vigil to honor the victims. 

It appears these elected Democrats have much to learn from these brave student survivors. 

  1. Shame on politicians trying to make everything political and “gun control” during a vigil on school shooting. I respect these students that walked out and then held their own vigil. More people, not only students, should do this. I for one am tried of politicians making every shooting a political issue.

    1. I usually just stop here, “I for one am tried of politicians.” Washington, D.C. is our problem with all the divisiveness in the United States. Always has been, but the difference today is it is filtering to local communities. It is almost impossible to have a civil conversation with anyone. So, I usually just smile and nod.

    2. Just points out how much the Libtards and the Demoncraps are ‘needing’ to do anything to disarm the people of America!! They, like all ‘DICKTATERS’!!! They must disarm the population in order to take control of the Country!!! Good luck with that you slimy, POS Globalists; retards!!! You will never take the peoples gun rights away!! If you tried, there would be a civil war the likes that have never been seen in history and the military and the police would be on the side of the Constitution and the people!!!

    3. I agree 100%.
      I might add that it’s apparent that Conservativr parents are communicating the truth and reality to their young adults, while liberal parents are filling them with lies, misleading them with their unhealthy socialist mantras. Turning in our guns and personal freedom in exchange for free healthcare, free education, and free choice is ignorant band insane. The reality is that nothing is free. The reality is you will be a slave to younger men to. You may not have student loans, but what you will have is 70 plus percent taxes, leaving you with thirty cents per dollar earnings. And free healthcare will not include expensive medical treatments that save lives. Lives are a dime a dozen to a socialist government. The ignorance of the left astounds me.
      Take Your children OUT of the public school system! They are indoctrinating them
      to accepting socialism. Charter schools more often teach them to think for themselves. They teach them personal responsibility and personal choice. A socialist government does not does not have our personal or needs in mind. Ever! I thank these students who walked away…Bravo! Many thanx to the parents who are raising free thinkers, freedom fighters and loyal Americans that will lead our country in the future.

  2. Good for those students standing up for what is right and walking out on people that wanted to turn a vigil for the victims into a political statement. Those students give us all hope for our future by the way they acted during the event. They will not only survive, they will overcome and win.

  3. I share these students’ sorrow, and I applaud their walkout from the cynical politicians trying to politicize their grief.

  4. The democrats have become the new age communists and only do harm to any action to save this country. It is obvious that the border must be controlled among other things to save this country. The democrats as well as the RINO’s are throwing roadblocks in the way of the Trump plan to take away the deep- state control.

  5. Disgusting but that’s what the dems do they have their own agenda and that’s really only what matters to them. Good for those students somebody should of took the mic from them and let the students handle the vigil.

  6. The DUMBOKRATS are like a bunch of drowning RATS clinging to a lie in the ocean to keep from drowning.

  7. Why were the stupid Democrats there in first place? Thanks for the walkout! More sense than the democrat idiots.

  8. This is the Gun Control Ghouls. They wait for the next mass shooting then sweep in like vultures to feed their socialist gun control agenda on the bodies of the dead even before they are cold in the morgue. A large portion of the kids today are not the Kool-Aid Drinker socialist programed drones like Hoggy Boy and his ilk. They realize the Gun Control Coven are trying to use their pain and grief to build their Anti Bill of Rights Agenda. Time for the State and National Gun Rights groups to start recruitment and education programs for the youth. Get guys like Pincus, Baine, Instructors of Gunsite and Thunder Ranch to hold informational seminars on surviving active shooter situations and where to get firearms training. Education will beat insidious political agendas in the long run.

  9. Way to go kids. It isn’t acceptable to bring up politics at a sensitive time such as this. This is a time to grieve. To be together and help each other through a horrible time. There is no excuse for this to happen. NONE what so ever. My heart is with you all.

  10. Democrats continue there attack on the Constitution & the Students did the right thing , by walking out !!! The democrat continue there efforts to change the constitution & used the school shooting in a very in appropriate time. I totally support the students !!!

  11. We can only hope more and more young people see the radical “libtards” for what they really are…and refuse to play along. Scare-mongers and bigots who are trying to weaken honest law abiding citizens, so they can grab control after disarming us are the biggest danger to our country.

  12. God Bless the students who have the guts to stand up to the liberals who are trying to undermine their Constitutional rights and using this tragedy to do it. The liberal who spoke at this vigil should have been sensitive to the needs and requests from the students for better mental health programs for troubled teens and adults! I hope the libs who tried to do this to grieving students take time to think about how insensitive and rude they were. This is Colorado and we support the Constitution and Bill of Rights and our children who are suffering as the result of this shooting.

  13. Once again the Demoncrats hijack a noble event to try, and I mean try this time, to twist it to their political purposes, kudos to the kids for walking out and not being part of the sham

  14. Yes. I agree with all the above statements. The Democrats are in their own Constitutional Crisis. In a time of grief, never ever put your own agenda in the forefront. Just never ends with these blind far progressive left liberals. These students stood in absolute solidarity and respect for their classmate and those injured. A lesson that Democrats just do not understand. Bravo.

  15. The Kids Did The Right Thing By Walking Out On These Anti-American Liberals The Where There To Morn A Hero Not To Listen To Nazi Liberal Gun Grabbing BS Those 2 Low Lives Need To Shut Up And Resign People Are Getting Tired Of Their Political Stunts

  16. I am proud of the students and their families should be too. To spew political garbage during a time of grief and mourning is despicable, but the Liberals are blind to the feelings of the people no matter what the subject. To use a tragedy to push for gun control is so inappropriate and in no way addresses the correct issue which has been shown time and again to be a mental health issue. The citizens of this country are not going to go like sheep to the slaughter and turn over their guns to a government that seems to become more corrupt every day with the Liberal agenda leading it there.

  17. Michael Bennet has gone over the edge and falls in the ranks of Cory Booker and other Democratic gun control fanatics now. When he was first elected, I had respect for him, but no more…


  18. It’s all about controlling the American people. The Democrats will take away your 2nd amendment. They are now the socialist democratic communist party.

  19. It’s all about controlling the American people. The Democrats will take away your 2nd amendment. They are now the socialist democratic communist party.

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