Schiff Puts Trump In His Crosshairs

He is willing to do anything to bring down Trump.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Adam Schiff recently stated he would launch an investigation into President Donald Trump stating he ignored in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Schiff said, “We are right now going through our intelligence holdings. What did the intelligence community make us aware of at the end of last year or earlier this year? Other committees are doing like analyses.”

He continued, “It is very important, I think, in reviewing the intelligence component to this to realize the intelligence piece is just one piece of the warnings coming to the administration. A lot of those warnings were in the public domain. They came from public health organizations, like WHO or CDC or his own National Security Council, and ignored those warnings.”

He added, “We are diving deeply into what does the intelligence community know, what resources we would bring there, and what do we need to do prospectively to better protect the country in the future. That last piece, how do we protect the country in the future, is really the mission of that independent commission we based on, we used the model the 9/11 commission.” You can watch a clip of Schiff’s comments here.

Image credit: Sott

  1. Schiff had best be tightening up the big boy pants. Mr Barr recently issued indictments for 8 of Schiff’s biggest contributors, who just happen to be foreign nationals. Looks like Schiffty might have been doing some colluding and quid pro quo there.

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